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Older women following Whole30


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Hi all, I will be turning the big 50 here shortly and this is day 2 for me. I'm hoping to get my hormones under control and maybe get back to my Pre-hysterectomy weight. Just curious if anyone has had luck getting there hormones in check after the W30?

Not too sure what you are asking for, but my hot flashes went from up to 20 per DAY to zero after 3 weeks of eliminating sugar.  For a few months I got a hot flash whenever I ate any sugar, but now (after 7 months) I can actually have a bad day and not pay for it.  I did have a hot flash two nights ago, though.  Bleh

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I am pretty sure that was it.  Strangely, I got my period twice in November after not having one for 11 months and I had 2 hot flashes last night.  Not sure what is going on, but I've been slipping with sugar regularly for the last 6 weeks.


At the same time I cut out sugar I also cut out dairy so I *guess* dairy could be the problem, too.  


Hormones are a pain in the britches.  Regardless of how I eat I think I will be dealing with hormonal upheaval in my late 40s and early 50s so I'm having a hard time figuring out what is *normal* and what isn't.

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Oh gosh, I hear ya on that one!!! What is normal????? Today I have been struggling with irritablility and just want to eat a whole chocolate (my addiction) cake or anything chocolate!!!! I crave salts and sugars. And I want my body back!!!! That is the hardest part for me. Really struggling with poor body image since my hysterectomy. The weight I have put on is around the middle. I just hate it! UGH!!! Thanks for letting me rant!

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Oh gosh, I hear ya on that one!!! What is normal????? Today I have been struggling with irritablility and just want to eat a whole chocolate (my addiction) cake or anything chocolate!!!! I crave salts and sugars. And I want my body back!!!! That is the hardest part for me. Really struggling with poor body image since my hysterectomy. The weight I have put on is around the middle. I just hate it! UGH!!! Thanks for letting me rant!

Chocolate craving can be associated with low magnesium. And craving salt and sugar? Perhaps you need salt and carbs! Eating primarily wholefoods would cut out a lot of the salt normally added to your diet so you may need to consider adding your own good quality sea salt to your meals. Add some starchy vegies to your intake, they'll help with energy and mood :)

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Taking off my shoes and curling my toes in the sand.


Mind if I join you?  I haven't read through all your posts but have been struggling against Paleo at the same time as embracing it -- kind of a Pushme-Pullyou type of thing.  Makes sense to me but then I see all the 20-30 somethings who are doing Crossfit and I say "Well, that's not me...so this probably isn't something I should do".


I started dallying with Paleo earlier this year and haven't been faithful.  I'm 56 and tend toward the sedentary given the least excuse.  I have yet to complete a whole30.


I'm a sometime Weight Watcher member, a sometime South Beacher, etc etc. You know the routine I'm sure...or you know someone who does.


I did not have the fortune of having children and now solidly menopausal with annoying hot flashes (after 3 years).  Hopefully they'll go away some day.  <sigh>

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Welcome Tinman57.  We're about the same age.  I found the Whole 30 experience to be a really good one for me.  I don't do crossfit, as I'm simply not interested.  Several years ago, after a lifetime of ups and downs, I decided that I would no longer adopt anything that I didn't believe that I could sustain as a permanent lifestyle.  So, I'm definitely on the primal bandwagon.  I'm not perfect, but it is generally how I live.  I walk, and hike and garden, etc.  No gym memberships.  I feel so much better, have lost about 20 lbs over the last year or so and have essentially gotten rid of migraines and many body aches.  


My moods are better and I no longer feel like a "diet" failure.  


Right now I'm Primal with holiday festivities mixed in.  I'll be doing another Whole 30 beginning January 1.  I'm sure I'll be in good company!


Welcome aboard.  

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Hi Tinman, we could be twins! Same age and I also have no children and am allergic to exercise :D . I have some other complications, mostly IBS and hypothyroidism, which has caused me to struggle hormonally for about 7 years. The hot flashes have finally subsided after doing 2 W30s.


I have been off roading a bit too much this holiday season, so Jan 2nd, I will be back on the bandwagon.

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Hi Tinman, we could be twins! Same age and I also have no children and am allergic to exercise :D . I have some other complications, mostly IBS and hypothyroidism, which has caused me to struggle hormonally for about 7 years. The hot flashes have finally subsided after doing 2 W30s.


I have been off roading a bit too much this holiday season, so Jan 2nd, I will be back on the bandwagon.

I just had my blood drawn for TSH/Free T3/T4/TPO, vitamin D, and C Reactive Protein to investigate thyroid.  What do you do for your situation?  Natural desiccated thyroid or synthetic?  I'm concerned that my thyroid issues are more auto-immune which freaks me out a bit to be quite honest.  Auto immune disease in one shape or form runs in my family (arthritis, autism, Parkinsons).  I started taking a multi that contains iodine in case that is part of the problem and a basic anti oxidant blend.  Reducing stress will be critical for me but right now it is at an all time high.  I think I need to revamp my exercise because I am a cardio junkie to manage my binges and also to keep my mood elevated.  I've been that way for 30 years. I also am doing a saliva cortisol test but I already know what that will show since I have done it twice in the past 5 years with similar results (too high in the AM/PM).  I feel like a mess!  


What confuses me about hypothyroid is over and over again I read that cholesterol will be elevated.  My cholesterol panel is awesome and always has been.  I've struggled to keep my total cholesterol over 150, but I did notice my last test in 2012 had it up to 180 but LDLs stay low and HDL high.  I think I am using that to put me in a state of denial.  TSH has been slowing inching up over the past 5 years but still within that horrible 'normal' range.  Other markers always test out OK so I am cringing that I will again be told I am FINE when I know I am not.  Low BP, low resting heart rate, jittery, cold hands/feet, losing my eye brow hair in the past 2 months, bouts of rapid heart rate (had since college), small weight gain.  This MD is a specialist in menopause so I hold out hope that she will take me seriously.  I feel like a hypochondriac, but this is affecting my marriage and my quality of life more than I am willing to tolerate.  Sorry for the vent.


I am still doing a modified Whole30 with tons of tinkering to find the best balance for me.  I'm actually doing best with a more vegetarian plan but maybe it is more accurate to say I was eating too much meat and now following more of the assigned template.  I filled my fridge yesterday with a lot of veggies and some collard green leaves to start my journey with veggie wraps!  I ate some beans yesterday for the first time in months and did OK.  I was sure I was going to be bloated a gassy today beyond belief.  Maybe my daily kombucha is helping the flora?


Sorry to butt in.  I was hoping to get some insight on your hypothyroid experience and what has worked for you.

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Hi Pam, I do have hashimoto's, which is auto immune hypothyroidism. Most cases of hypo are Hashis. I do believe that I've always had it. In the past, I would be tested for thyroid and I was told I was 'borderline low'. But it was my gyno that found out about the hashi's when I went in to get tested for heavy menstrual bleeding (I wound up getting an endrometrial ablation because nothing would stop it). If you have the hashi antibodies, you should get some medication eve if you're TSH is 'normal'. I take synthroid, I am up to 100 mgs now. I used to have all those issues, cold hands and feet, low BP (I still have that). The eyebrow thing too. The thing with hashi's is that you can swing from hypo to hyper (since the thyroid is under attack it can sometimes flare).


From my experience, diet plays a huge role, especially on the autoimmune front. I was eating very clean before I came to W30, so I did the AIP. I found out that I have a sensitivity to eggs, and yes, dairy does make me more congested. I also avoid nightshades. I always had stomach issues, so I've also been avoiding FODMAPS which has been very helpful. It took me awhile, but I think I've repaired my gut. And that has made me healthier.


All in all, I think you need to manage your stress, get enough sleep, eat a non inflammatory diet and you should begin to feel better. It will not happen right away or even in 30 days. Hormone resets are difficult. If your doctor can give you some hormone replacement to deal with the menopause. I took them for awhile, but had to stop because I had some breast issues. I do now take Zoloft, which has helped me a lot. Sometimes I fee like a completely different person, in a good way.


Let us know how the tests come out!

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I would love to be part of this group. I'm 66 and planning to start my second W30 on Jan 2nd. Late night snacking, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol are between me and a great relationship with my body. Exercise - even walking or swimming - don't come naturally, although I am totally thrilled and feel fantastic when I actually get out and do something. I would benefit greatly by losing 30-40 lbs. I'm getting ready for the Jan 2nd start, but hope to cycle into another 30 days when the first is finished. My experience the first time was absolutely amazing. I felt well not only physically, but also was very energized emotionally. But like others, 30 days doesn't seem to be long enough to break long term habits - which have crept back full force. But I think I'd better take it 30 days at a time! Lovely to be in the company of older women on this journey - thanks for creating the thread!

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Hello ladies, i hope I can join you.  I have been trying to be as whole30 compliant as possible this month as sugar really is not my friend and is biggest enemy this time of year :) the learning not to beat yourself up about a slip has been amazing, and really helps to stop 1 day off track leading to 3 or more!!


I am 40 and suffering with pre-menopausal symptoms.  Hot flushes, water retention, low energy and sleep issues, and non-existent periods.  I have furry kids, my three cats :), and do like to keep fit, walking and zumba mainly!! i started whole9 in july this year, and eating real food has made be feel so much better, i really notice the change when too many non compliant foods sneak in ....sneak??? so i choose to eat them really lol and oops!!


Really noticing how my body doesnt react like it used to, body shape changing and weight creeping on in different places, harder to lose weight too, although I am in better shape and fitter than I was at 30, and in a better place in my head too :)


Take care all x

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Well, after 3 straight nights of hot flashes and poor sleep, it is back to the Whole30 for this lady.  I know it is Christmas Eve, but honestly I really am in too nasty of a funk to care much.


Yesterday was sugar laden and gluten loaded and I seem to be paying for it.  Between the weight gain over the past month and the lower moods I just have to get over the fact I'll be restricted in my eating and move on with feeling better.  GI tract is sluggish which makes my (typically unbothersome) pelvic organ prolapse symptomatic.  I feel like a train wreck.


I'm not sure if it is the gluten or the dairy or the sugar or all 3 that cause problems.  Typically, when I eat gluten I eat sugar at the same time.  I am not a pasta or bread eater… sweets are my downfall.  


What I wish for Christmas is a quiet island to be deserted on for 30 days so I can be alone with my body and my health.  Is that too much to ask for?   ;)


I'm not going to journal.  Maybe when I feel better I will log it all on my old Whole30 log but for now I just want to feel better.  Time to get ready for work.  I work at a food co-op, and today I'm sure we will be having a huge spread upstairs in the office.  It is a health food co-op but they sure do know how to bake with sugar!

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Interesting to just gather the information - met friends for a regular weekly diner breakfast this morning.  Thinking to myself, "what the heck, just one last time.  Next time I'll figure out what to eat here that's W30 compliant."  (Starting W30 on 1/2)  So - I had several cups of really bad coffee, and toast and home fries with my scrambled eggs.  And guess what - in about 2 hours I started to get that hypoglycemic hungry feeling.  By 3 hours, I could barely keep my eyes open and was completely foggy in the brain.  At about 4 hours post-breakfast I had a good paleo lunch of chicken, green beans, guacamole, and tomato, in a coconut wrap (which used to be W30 compliant, but now is not!).  Slowly, slowly, my focus returned over a couple of hours, with a period of heart palpitations and hot flashes before all was back in balance.


Oh, to remember this and learn!! 

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Good Morning, Ladies, and Merry Christmas if you are celebrating! I've been lurking for quite a while, but perhaps this is the day to speak up and join you. I love the energy and honesty here, and I'll bet, helping each other, we can do great things.

I completed my first Whole30 in August. It was amazing! And then I fell headlong off the wagon. Splat! My intention is to repeat in January (the Whole30 completion part, not the Splat! part). May this coming year be our best ever! Oh, and I'm 65, so I hope I'll fit in :)

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Hi Everyone!  I started my W30 today.  Was planning to wait until New Years, but frankly, there was no sense in it and I feel much better when I take action.  Why wait to get healthier?  I did 2 W30's this past year, lost some lbs and felt great. I've been Primal for close to a year and a half and really find the W30 a great way to reboot and clean up my act.  


My fridge has some dangerous stuff in it from the holidays, but my husband and sons will polish those off.  Thankfully it is also loaded with compliant food, as I eat Primal/Paleo/Whole 9 as my lifestyle in general.  Best to everyone.

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I'm ready to start today, too. My W30 a year ago was a big success, but I've strayed. Big time. I've been indulging in holiday goodies and feel sluggish. I don't want to wait until the New Year to start. I'm ready now.


Husband recently had some major oral surgery and is on soft foods. That's tricky to stay Paleo-compliant, especially since he's quite thin, anyway. He can now fend for himself while I get back on the wagon. He'll join me when he can eat veggies, etc, again.


My plan for today is to purge the fridge and cupboards of the Holiday Junk that husband can't eat and restock with good stuff. I have shopping lists and menus planned.


I'm also beginning a Kettlebell training program called "Lean & Lovely," by Neghar Fonooni. The nutrition plan is flexible and definitely W30-friendly.


I have a lot of work to do, but I'll get it done.

It definitely Starts with Food.

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I am sending all of my unopened candy to the Troops over seas!  If you know someone in the service, ask them for a mailing address and send unopened candy there… we have a ton of it from gifts and celebrating.  


I threw away every left over that would be tempting to me except for the Niman Ranch spiral ham bone for soup.  I may/may not eat it since it won't be compliant for Whole30 but I'm not too sure I'll be tackling Whole30 again (limiting dairy and not freaking out if I eat something that has a little sugar in it like a marinade with maple syrup of something like that but avoiding it when I am cooking).  I was my best when I ate Primally WITHOUT cooking all of those primal treats.  So many of my friends focus on making those coconut sugar/almond flour treats and think they are being healthy.  So easy to fall in to that trap.


Yesterday I did pretty well!  Not compliant, but no dessert.  Sugar was in the ham brine, ham glaze and probably the salad dressing my sister in law made.  I ate zero bread, no dessert and only a few slices of AWESOME berkshire pork sausage/salami with gorgonzola/pear spread.  No alcohol, either, but that is so easy for me to avoid.  I am proud of myself and feeling good today.  


I think many of us make the mistake of going crazy the day before a food challenge or lifestyle change challenge which makes us feel like crap on Day One.  


Must I add that my cherry preserve-port wine glaze for the ham was the best thing I've tasted in a long time.  It has to make its way to the salmon when I am feeling more confident about my ability to resist sugar.  


I still struggle with my husband not understanding my food choices.  He is very healthy and a very healthy eater, but just cannot wrap his head around the thought that a particular food can affect me like sugar or dairy or gluten since I never had trouble with it before (we've known each other for 28 years; met when we were in undergrad).  He sees this as a challenge to change my behavior and that is it… and totally unnecessary to do eliminations.  Funny coming from a man who avoids fat like the plague due to family history of heart disease.  He is an MD, I will add, and very adhered to Western medicine.  I, on the other hand, am not.  Even when I had our sons on gluten free diets due to suspected allergies and known Autism he would regularly give them gluten and say, "it was just a little bit".  Sigh.  He is trying to be supportive but I wish he would believe me when I say avoiding sugar/dairy erases my hot flashes.  At this point, he just stays silent instead of arguing how that cannot be true so I guess that is something.   I do the majority of the cooking so I won't have to patrol the kitchen much.


My best wishes to each and every one of you beautiful ladies!  I so appreciate having an 'older' crowd to talk to despite the fact I fight the thought that I am not 30 any more…  :o  Our struggles are unique to our gender/age group and it helps so much to have others who understand.

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I made it through Day 1 relatively easily. I made the Cinnamon Beef Stew from Well Fed. I added a lot of onion, carrots, and celery, then served it over cauliflower rice. Very tasty.

I also cooked up a big pot of Chocolate Chili.


My first workout was good, too, and I'm nicely sore today.


So far, so good.

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