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My Whole 30 Take 2


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Hello all, so today I take on the Whole30 for the second time, hopefully this time with more success. Last time I did it, in January of this year, I made it to about 10-12 days in, hopefully I'm more resilient this time!


Day 0:

I did my food prep and meal planning today, just need to do a bit more shopping tomorrow and make a vinaigrette tonight (I forgot my homemade mayo at my boyfriend's place, boo!) and I'm all set for the week!


I definitely over indulged this weekend because it was my boyfriend's birthday and so there was cake involved and a big delicious meal. But no more! I'm sure that will translate to a massive headache that will last for a few days this week... Yippie! (not.) Good thing my first week of school is pretty relaxed.


So my meal plan for tomorrow is:



Savoury Pumpkin Torte with a side of blueberries and coconut milk



Czech Meatballs from Well Fed with some carrots and green beans



Tuna salad with spinach, grape tomatoes, olives, cucumber, red onion, and greek vinaigrette with a piece of fruit

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Today is Day 1 for me as well! Starting off with a breakfast casserole (eggs, sausage, zucchini), paleo chili for lunch and strawberries, an apple with almond butter if I need it, and pork roast with spaghetti squash for dinner. So much cooking and meal prep yesterday, but it'll be worth it!

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