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Did somebody say Tiger Blood?!!


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Wow! I must be in the tiger blood phase (day 22)

In olden days I would come home work, be too tired to cook, so after sitting on my butt for a while, as the hunger slowly got worse, I would decide on which of my usual take out places and call out for some food. Then after gorging myself in 10 minutes or less I would then sit on the couch for the rest of the evening. Vegging in front of the TV probably snacking and/or drinking wine.

Today, I just found myself having spent 2 hours in the kitchen cleaning, cooking and prepping stuff. And then I would find just one more little thing to clean or prep. This is after a full day of work, and making myself a super nice dinner. And of course I had cooked my breakfast in the morning, went for a walk before work. And made my lunch to take to work.

Woot! Now to put some of that energy into my new cross fit classes.

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