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Starting in the morning , September 3 will be day one!!

Jo Jo

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I am super excited to get back on track with my paleo/primal ways. I have been through a lot this past year including last semester of school, and my clinicals, an agonizing six weeks of my dad on life support , then having to help choose his fate, hospice with him, being there for his final breaths, trying to cope through the grief and suddenly having my husband lose his job. I feel crappier and not being good to myself and feeding myself properly has only made things worse for me I feel. I am ready to get up, brush tHe dust off of myself and start fresh. I feel this will cleanse me completely and help my body and mind to be able to deal with things a bit better. My problems won't be going away, but hopefully I will feel better and be able to cope and deal with them more effectively. Please wish me luck and success on this journey. I am committing.

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