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Everything Must Go....


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I'm committing to a Whole 30 and this has been my Day 1. 


After spending almost a year Paleo and several years avoiding sweets, I had a major life freak out in June and made some really bad choices about how to deal with the stress. I thought I had this Paleo thing in the bag: meal prep, eating out, travel, the 80/20, knowing that I felt better in every way..... and then life kicked me right in the ass and I just got so sick of having to pay attention to everything so I stopped. I just wanted life to be easier for a while........


3 months of ''doing whatever I want'' later and everything about my health --weight, mood, outlook, energy, creativity-- has taken a huge, massive dump. Easier? No. Everything has been so much harder to deal with since jumping on the crap-wagon. Every couple of weeks I kept telling myself, ''okay, this will be the last meal/day/minute of this BS'' and then......... yeah.


But, here we are, finally


Time for some tough love.


I'm not dreading this, or having a pity party, or doubting my resolve (though I can't promise I'll feel this optimistic all the time). I feel ready, willing and able to see this through and live the healthiest life I can from here on out. I need a reset and I seriously need to find a better way to deal with things because I never want to feel this way again.


So goodbye junk food, sugar, grains, and processed crap. You can take your depression, laziness, zits, fat, pain, anxiety, insomnia, binges, self-doubt and blaaaaahs with you. I know the next 30 days will be tough but I can't wait to see you go! 



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