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Last Time, I swear it.


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Ate un-Paleo over the weekend and had to once again restart Whole30 today.  I knew I had been flagging through last week and even through to myself "HALT" (the hungry, angry, etc) stuff the other day.  So, last night I said goodbye to some of the stuff I'd been indulging in (milk, cheese) and I'll just suck up the expense of wasting it.  I had a good couple of days to enjoy them and maybe in 30 days the cheese at least will still there if I want it.


Sleep was disrupted while off Paleo.  Allergies flared while off Paleo.  TEMPER flared while off Paleo.

It just really doesn't pay for me to go off on a non-paleo tangent but temptations happen and life occurs. 


In other news, R. is starting to prepare foods that are totally Whole30 compliant to accommodate my Princess-ship. Which is such a sweet thing for him to do.


Anyway: Day one today (again).  But that's okay.  What I really like is knowing how miserable I feel this morning will be taken care of in a few days and I'll be "back on my feet" as it were when I clean up.


In the meantime, Melissa Joulwan's book is on my kindle application just waiting for me to go through it.

I'll stop on the way home from work and acquire a few things I need to get to assist me through this.  And in 30 days (29) I will reconsider what I've done.

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I was thinking this morning that I'm exceedingly tired of the "low carb" label that this and a few other diets get.  I'm going to go with "Alternative Carb" going forward.


I admit I'm pretty grumpy today but I'm really disgusted with the willing ignorance of many and their resistance to new information.  "You'll take my bread out of my cold dead hands.  I can't live without my popcorn.  I need my wine at night."


Great.   Just make sure I'm not taking care of you in your dotage because you didn't practice an ounce of prevention today.


Did I mention I'm grumpy today?

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And back again.  This time I decided to start at the end of January even though right smack dab in the middle of 30 days I have a 4 night business trip to Las Vegas.  But . . . .


Those 4 nights (and days) are actually the ones over which I'll have the most control of the whole month.  My dear spouse isn't a fan nor much of a supporter.  Certainly I don't blame him.  I'm a diet-diva and I'm sure he really doesn't want to hear me do this yet again.


Of course, my not nattering on about it when I decided to do it led us to a Day 2 invitation for pizza out!  PIZZA ON FRIDAY! YAY!! AND WINE?  WINE!!!  As my mouth was starting to say "great idea", my head said "Um, hello? Day 2?"  So I ended up saying "Oh I don't think that'll work for me tonight but I'll be glad to get you some."  (To which he grumpily responded, "That doesn't make sense.")


Who can blame him?  We've been together 11+ years and in that time he's seen me start more diet plans and feed the fatmeter more money than Doan's has pills.  I accept a bit of skepticism from him. 

Even if I succeed, it's probably not something he can do safely.  Diabetes Type 2 and Advanced Kidney Disease.  Kind of a "get them every which way you can" deal.


Oh well. It IS day 2.  I will deal with my feelings of despair because I can't have a creamer and sweetener laden cup of tea mid afternoon.  That truly is a 1st world problem.  WOE!  DESPAIR!!!!  ALAS!! 


This weekend I will make worcestershire sauce, chicken broth and Meat & Spinach muffins from Well Fed. 

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Day 4. Yesterday (day 3) was as predicted by the timeline. I was Ms. Cranky pants. Might have been a self fulfilling prophecy. Today I am having motivation and commitment issues. I want to just have a peanut butter sandwich. Easy food. I have food all ready for the week and will be packing myself a great lunch later but Jehoshaphat...I could really dig some peanut butter. Time for a nap.

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Today is Day 5.  I weathered yesterday but had some magnificent stomach issues last night.  Gas? Hunger? My husbands Paleo meatballs?  Who knows?  But I find my morning thoughts beset with the concept of eating whatever I want in a reasonable quantity.  I'm in rebellion mode I'm afraid.  This takes on several aspects:


1.  The inner 8 year old "You can't make me".  This is where I simply feel like I don't think anyone should tell me what to do since (after all) I'm the smartest person in the room.

2.  The super-retro-woman.  "Pancakes were good enough for my Mom (may she rest in peace) and they're good enough for me, after all: who wants to live forever" (see #3)

3.  The Highlander/Queen phase: "Who wants to live forever?"  wherein I feel that in the rest of my life which may be about 30 more years, I cannot imagine coming to my last day and saying "Damn it -- I should have had waffles on February 3 2014.  I KNEW I'd regret it."

4.  The Pouter.  "Everyone else is counting points and calories and eating whatever the hell they want."

5.  The Doubter.  "This can't be right.  If this were right, why, I just know my government and my medical professionals would encourage me to do it."


Ah well.  Five is enough.  I am working it through.  After all *cough* it's only 25 more days (and 10 hours and 49 minutes).

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Day 6.  Slept like a baby last night and was sorry to be hauled out of bed by the incessant chimes of my cellphone alarm at 4:15.  But that's the breaks.  At least until I win the lottery.


Admittedly my conviction, commitment and motivation were lagging yesterday and may yet lag again today.  I find my weakest time is late afternoon when the ol' Four Horsement of the Apocalypse come riding in to my head: Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired (HALT).  They'll take me down sooner than a bevy of buffalo that smell grass on my sweater.  (I don't know what that means.)


At any rate, I'm reconvicted today and plan on moving onward.  I'd feel great if it weren't for everyone around me!  YAY!

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