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Started a Whole30, August 26


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On day 9 today!


I wish I got myself registered here sooner; there is some great information in the forums which has been extremely helpful. The first week was really rough for me, I could definitely have used the community! Major headaches and indigestion.


My first big hurdle was eating breakfast sooner. The first day I couldn't do it, I tried but had to wait. It was almost 9:00am before I could finally bring myself to choke something down (about 3.5 hours after waking up). I managed to get down to 1.5 hours on Day 2 then to an hour afterward but still didn't feel well. I found that eating a little bit of fruit (e.g. a few bites of watermelon) was easier to take in and really helped me feel ready to eat sooner so that's what I did for a few days.


The first day I woke up actually hungry was this past Saturday, day 6. Very exciting for me! I'm still finding that I can't eat enough in one breakfast sitting to last until lunch so I've been doing breakfast in two, distinct sittings and that is helping a lot. Hopefully I'll get to where I can eat a solid meal.


Anyway, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself a bit.



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