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If I could eat anything I wanted with no consequence


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So I successfully completed my w30 and since I have not had what I consider the greatest results I want to continue with the program b/c i know that there are things i need to still work on. my focus was getting into the proper eating habits first...i need to work on getting more sleep for sure and there are a few things going on in life like starting new job soon, leaving the other job, moving to a new apartment, etc. All amazing and wonderful things just difficult to be in a new routine yet. 


So the only thing i missed was alcohol. I love to enjoy a few drinks with friends on the weekends, it is very rare i drink during the weekdays and i never drink mixed drinks. usually good vodka or clear tequila on the rocks or champagne (sugar central i know). after 32 days i drank a little patron. i felt okay the next day and although i ate nothing that wasnt w30 approved i ate too much fruit and a little too much food overall for the day. 


I want to continue all w30 food rules for at least another month with an openness to a drink or 2 if i so choose (thinking out the consequences of course because i am not interested in a replay of a  "binge eating day" even if im not eating anything bad...but today i want to "treat myself" with a food i havent had and may not have for a long time because like i said, im sticking with the plan; but i swear i cannot think of anything!! 


if im really sitting here thinking wow if you could eat anything you want and there will be no consequences what would you have??? i don't want alcohol, i dont want ice cream or pizza or anything like that....maybe the only thing i can think of is my special homemade popcorn (organic kernals that i make in coconut oil with a little sea salt). is this weird? will this backfire? how can all i want be popcorn? like a huge bowl of it. is this a deeper issue? 




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