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Well, here we go!


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about 1/2 lb ribeye.. from whole foods... quite possibly the BEST steak I've ever had! no kidding it was yuuuuummmmmmy!... just cooked it if pan w coconut oil. delish.

serving of chopped cooked spinach with little but of butter, s&p, garlic pwdr, lemon peel

lg glass of water 28oz

1 probiotic 2 fish oil

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Went over to the Whole30 intro page and found some people all starting at the same time... rather than reinvent the wheel, here's what I posted:

Me too please! I'm glad there are so many beginning this journey together!

I'm using the Whole30 Daily to clean up what I've been doing over the past 10 days. I was still using a sprinkle of cheese n my omlettes occasionally and had snuck in some sweet potato chips that had some corn flour in them.

Also In the beginning (maybe the first 3days) I was using (what I read last night as) compliant foods to replace my old junk food. Coconut Milk Smoothies with tons of fruit in them to make "dessert"... so while I did go 10 day w/o sugar (say what?! way to go girl!!!) I felt I was doing it all on a slippery slope....

Sooooo.... Yesterday when I saw a tweet about the Daily I decided AHA! ==> I'm gonna begin again! Relief. Followed by... well I may as well fall off the wagon all the way since I'm starting over. (Such stinkin' thinkin' )... and while I didn't grab the sleeve of thin mints secretly hidden in the back of the freezer, I did slather some raw honey on a piece of gluten- free toast. And then a second. Ugh.

And so today will be day zero for me with regards to my Whole30 Daily but I'm gonna try to use it as my lift-off day and be compliant instead of using it as a "last supper day"...

Like someone mentioned earlier, my family (hubby, 2 kids ages 10 & 11) eats regular too, so I'm still preparing theirs as I always have but giving them better and more Paleo choices. :)

Thanks for letting me go on & on... Just re-read this and will c&p it to my whole30 journal as well. Wow I cheated more than I realized and didnt even realize it until I wrote it down.

Here's to our journey together!!


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2 fish oil

2000 d3


cooked chix breast

raw broccoli

handful of blueberries


glass coconut milk



large salad (with mixed greens, grape tomatoes, avacado, lemon, olive oil, s&p, organic italian seasoning)

smashed banana w little bit of unsweetened cocoa

1/2 apple

2T mag calm


went through all my spices and got rid of most everything -- most of it was out of date anyway.... also all the seasoning packets with all the yucky extra chemicals etc...

been slowly getting rid of all the pantry yucky items

went shopping at whole foods & trader joes today -- have a few recipies I'm going to try this week -- plus maybe some homemade mayo & beef jerky! stay tuned =)

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