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Share your Whole30 shopping lists... go!


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This is my favorite part about the whole30!!  Grocery shopping and meal planning is fun and I have turned it into a very creative process. I have naturally discovered coconut curry sauce, have a complex method for roasted garlic cauliflower mash, love grass-fed organic ground beef and my crock pot.


I went to the store today, which is the most amazing market in the word, Berkeley Bowl. Everything I bought is organic, grass-fed, top notch.


Chicken thighs

ground beef





brussel sprouts



mini bell peppers


butternut squash

cherry tomatoes

yellow onions

green onions





coconut cream

coconut butter

macadamia nuts.... might have to give these up :( 



When I go to trader joes...

organic chicken

packed ground beef grassfed organic (not as good as over the counter but reasonable!)

rack of lamb 


olive oil (cheap)

packed prepared veggies, easy and fast but pricey, butternut squash, green beans, brussels, arugala



love whole foods for lots of whole30 compliant food but $$$. one of the only places to find coconut aminos and coconut meat


I also have a great fresh sausage butcher and fish market in my neighborhood.  I should brave the chinatown i have right here to see what I can find, fish for sure.  There seems to be a few items at different stores all over my city, and with me loading up a bike its quite a committed adventure! 

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Things I always buy:


Spinach (or other dark leafy greens) to go in morning eggs

Eggs - I shoot for 2-3 per person, depending on if we're adding anything else to the meal

Sweet potatoes (baked, roasted, hash, mash)

Carrots (crudites, roasted)

Celery (crudites, sometimes with nut butter)

Grape tomatoes (crudites)

Cucumber (crudites)

Lettuce (tacos)

Avocados (hubby's lunch, tacos)

Tomatoes, full sized (tacos)

Pineapple (if fresh and ripe, tacos)

Beef - hubby and I do "taco Tuesday" (ground beef) and at least one other beef night (types vary, and we're about to have to stop buying it when our half cow gets here) - steaks, roasts, etc.

Chicken - one meal per week is chicken-based (grilled chicken with roasted veg or veg stir fry) plus my dinner on Thursdays (Bible study never has food I can eat so I just always bring my own...no, I really DON'T want Popeye's or pizza or Subway...)

Fish - at least one night a week. This week we bought a pack of Tilapia with 8-9 filets in it, individually flash frozen.


Roasted veg is a combination of whatever's cheapest in this list:

Sweet potatoes



Squashes (butternut, acorn)





If I'm doing a stir fry, I usually go carrots/zucchini/peppers/onions/garlic/ginger/snow or snap peas.


If they're cheap, beets too. And whatever the best deal on fruit is (this week it was Pink Lady apples at $0.88 per pound!). I got six apples for two adults for the week.


Plus butter. And I always have frozen veggies (California Blend - carrot, broccoli, cauliflower). 


As the seasons change, so will this list. But this is the basic idea of our meals/shopping list.

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