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Started September 3rd


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Day 1 was okay. Curiously hungry about two hours after each email, but attributed it to my body's habit of getting frequent snacks.


My schedule was such that I had an 8 hour gap between lunch and dinner and that was just too long, so I had half an apple and some almond butter which did the trick. I know no snacking is encouraged, but I needed something before attending a Qigong class. Hope that doesn't mean I cheated.


Day 2 is proving to be unpleasant. I'm groggy, depressed, on the verge of tears and I don't know why. I am NOT AT ALL SAD about eating great food and being on this journey and hope the blues will fade when the hangover phase ends. 


Has anyone experienced unaccountable sadness in the early stages? 


Looking forward to supporting you all in our journey.

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