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Sept. 1 Start Date


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  • 11 months later...

I've experienced that with a similar eating plan that began with a week's juice fasting.... hang in there! drink lots of water I hear that helps.

Dang sugar... it's a beast to get off of.... I just recently got off of Coke again! ugh... some serious headache action for the first couple of days... but I'm good. I'm actually beginning on Sept 1.. but I've been gradually backing off of many of my "comfort foods" the past couple of weeks.... Cleaned out my fridge today.

I just typed up a basic eating calendar and will go buy my food for the first week tomorrow!

Good luck! Hang in there... I know the crap comes and goes- but the cleansing results and the energy that I gained was worth "every ounce" of what I thought I was giving up!

I'm in a bad way health, bone and weight wise.. so it's a MUST at this point for me.

:) let's do this thing!


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