Astonishing: a life-changing experience for me


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Hello everyone


Well I did it and it is lovely to read how people are going to carrying on but with a few reintroductions. For me having a dash of milk in my earl grey this morning was sublime! My journey for the most part has been quite easy and I will continue on but with a little relaxation: a glass of two of wine, a bit of cheese maybe the odd bit of chocolate now and again.


I have been quite astounded how Whole30 has changed my life. I am an obese, middle-aged women and pre-Whole30 and for decades I have been a chronic binge eater and every night I used to drink a bottle of wine or cider, eat a huge bag of Kettle crisps and a packet of sliced meat. I used to wrap the crisps in the ham and eat them like a wrap and once the ham was finished, I would finish eating the crisps. Along with eating takeaways and junk food (mainly savoury stuff), I used to do this EVERY DAY. After each binge I wanted more and more and my bingeing was getting worse and worse every week. I now know I was slowly killing myself but felt powerless to stop. I even tried Overeaters Annoymous hoping that this would help - it did not although I met some wonderful people.  I thought I had a psychological problem and I used food to overcome that.  This was not the case as what was happening was habit.  Habit that had becomed so ingrained that I thought I would never be rid of it. 


I was worried about my heart, my liver, my stomach etc and was promoted to go to the doctors to get some blood tests done. Thankfully everything was OK except my triglycerides (a form of cholesterol) were a little high but they could be lowered through diet. I was put on blood pressure tablets as this was way too high probably due to my salty diet and lack of exercise. These events were a kick up the bum I needed and promoted me to look towards changing my life. I had been dabbling with a primal diet for a while on MDA and it was on the forum there that I read about Whole30.


The point I want to get to (sorry waffling on a bit) is that Whole30 has changed my life. All the way through the 30 days I have NOT BINGED ONCE!! I cannot stress how awesome (not a word a Brit uses lightly!) this is for me. Literally life-changing and astonishing. I fell really quite emotional about it and have shed tears not because I am unhappy but because I know that I will never do that destructive behaviour again. I can eat three good, wholesome, real food every day with no snacking between and not think about food. The only time I think about food is whether I have got something out the freezer to eat or what I am going to put in my slow cooker at the weekend. No more binge eating, no more killing myself, no more drinking so much that my body was in complete crisis and suffering in systemic inflammation. I still have a long way to go but my new habits are those for my life.


Oh and also I lost one stone - yes 14lbs - without really noticing!


Thank you for reading my ramblings and I wish every one of you success in the future.


Kathryn xx



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What a fantastic post! I can really relate to your story. I am also a binge eater and would eat hardly anything all day then down about 1000 cald when kids had gone bed! I found MArks daily apple lAst year and went primal but took the 80/20 rule a bit far and was still bingeing and snacking on nuts and dark chocolate and red wine! I'm now on day 16 of whole 30 and feel so in control of my eating its so liberating!

Well done and keep up the good work!

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Kathryn,  Congratulations on your discovery.  It's wonderful.  I can relate and I'm interested in life after the W30 and how to make sure that all-or-nothing thinking doesn't creep in sabotage the positive changes in my relationship with food.  I did a very successful W30 in July and then in August it didn't take long for me to go completely "off road", knowing that I'd be back on another W30 in September.  I'm on Day 6 now, and just being thoughtful about the future.  I think the habit part of it is really important as you say.  I also think the "science" part of it (the insulin and leptin resistance and other changes that happen when you're not eating clean) is so crucial.  In August, as I reintroduced food without brakes, I noticed my body slowly go back to that inefficient, draggy, puffy state.  At least I'm noticing it now, and I KNOW it has to do with the food I'm putting in my body.  I'm rambling now...  I liked your post and would be interested in what you're planning to do post W30.

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