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Bento boxes


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Hi there,


My 4 yo has just started big school (at the same place where she was pre-schooled so no issue with food) and now only gets lunch so it's up to mummy to come up with something for tea.  I had a bright idea of Bento boxes that I could prepare in advance and then there was no mad rush or screaming child after school.  Any ideas of what to put in it would be great.


It's 2 layer so my first attempt;

Bottom layer, no sections - minted lamb burger with homemade tomato sauce

Top layer, sections - 2 cherry tomato's, almonds, dried superberries & i'm stuck for the 4th one.


Any help would be ace, thank you.

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after the first attempt my 4yo had an horredous night's sleep.  She had her Bento then a paleo smoothie (macadamia nuts, coconut milk, mango, pineapple & ice).  Just wondering if there could be a correlation between lack of sleep &the amount of fruit sugars??... It was only her 2nd day in school so I thought she would have been exhausted...

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