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Allergies-day 5


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Hello all, 


I'm on day 5 of the challenge and I don't feel well at all. My allergies seem to have gotten worse. is this part of the process?


One of the main reasons I decided to do the whole30 challenge is because i want to find a solution for my allergies. I have suffered them since I was little. I am allergic to pollen, dust, cats dogs...basically everything in the environment. Doctors performed the food allergy test and the results indicated that i wasn't allergic to any food but a bit sensible to oats. Random...I know. I have done allergy shots in the past, taken everything they have on the market for allegies, neti pot, etc. to no avail. So the idea that it could be the food we eat, makes sense but  couple of days ago, the allergies were  "controlled" but since i started the program, they seem to have gotten worse. I'm taking Benadryl almost every day. 


The report of allergens in the area where I live states that they are very low at the moment so supposedly I shouldn't be suffering them so much. Plus, I am following the program; food wise, I have been eating: spaghetti squash, sweet potatoes, avocado, eggs, ground turkey, chicken, beef, salmon, spinach, plantains, tomatoes, strawberries, and apples. 


Any suggestions?

*Sorry for the dramatic tone...it's just not a good day :(

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