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Food for Long Flights


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So I traveled to South Africa last week and I wanted to share with you guys what I did to make sure I would stay on track for the 15 hour flight. Full disclosure- I offroaded a bit while I was there but that's neither here nor there. (I wasn't actually doing a Whole30 during the trip but I still eat Whole30 style with very, very occasional offroading) Anyways, for the flight I planned out lunch and dinner. We'd take off just before lunch so I packed rolled up compliant deli turkey, carrots, tomatoes, and cashews. I put everything in a small tupperwear that I kept in my backpack. For dinner, which would be almost 10 hours after we left the house that morning I grilled a piece of chicken the night before and froze it. I put the frozen chicken in tupperware with some frozen veggies and let it thaw out for most of the flight. By dinner time it was defrosted and super delicious! The people sitting near us looked on with envy as they ate their revolting airplane food. 


Cooking the chicken the night before and freezing it turned out perfectly so if you ever have a long flight that's definitely the way to go! 

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They let you take it on the plane without a problem?  I'm traveling to Argentina from the States in April and eventhough my Whole30 will be over by then, I want to continue eating this way, I was going to bring good snack food...but wasn't sure if they'd let me on with it.

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I prefer RX Bars and EPIC bars over Larabar, which are really high in sugar (and have very little protein).


RX Bars are very similar to Larabars, they have dates, figs, plus egg white for protein. I like the Coffee Cacao flavor.


EPIC bars are like a soft jerky bar. REALLY handy for traveling. The turkey + almond + cranberry flavor is Whole30 compliant.


I always pack:

  • a tin or two of sardines in water (really quite good),
  • baby carrots
  • olives (drain and put in a baggie)
  • a mix of unsweetened coconut ribbons, macadamia nuts and a little dried fruit (goji berries or raisins).
  • nut butter and coconut oil in individual packets (they sell them on Amazon).
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They let you take it on the plane without a problem?


Depending on the TSA agent, I suppose there's a chance you might get some flack, but I took a whole salad (packed at home) on a flight from Nashville to Miami with no problem at all. I put the dressing in a separate container in my quart bag with my other liquids. In terms of what you can take through security, I don't think it matters where you're going to, just the agents at the airport you're starting from - I take snacks all the time. I'd just avoid or put in that quart bag anything that could be construed as liquid.


Just don't get the salad dressing mixed up with your shampoo. ;)

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No problem taking food on domestic flights.

Food can be taken on international flight but most countries will not allow fresh foods (fruits/veg/meat) to be taken into the country.

The same tips apply to long road trips in the car - but you can use a cooler!

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