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April's Log - Started 7/16/12


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1 day down...29 more to go! Day 1 went great.

Breakfast and Lunch:

Chicken Cauliflower Hash which I ate for both breakfast and lunch because it was so delish. I had my Iced Venti American from Starbucks. Drank it black and it wasn't too bad.

Snacks during the day:

handful of grape tomatoes

6 strawberries

a few almonds


Grilled Chicken

Steamed Broccoli with garlic and EVOO

I made several trips to the grocery store to prepare for the rest of the week. So....coconut oil. Looks kinda like shortening. I have to admit that i'm kind of afraid to use it. In general I think i'm afraid to increase the use of EVOO and the coconut oil. That made me realize that I am probably still strung out on my PAM cooking spray. I'm missing my morning oatmeal and my yogurt snack. They are so convenient and comforting in the morning. I'm pretty sure i'll get over it soon.

My Day 2:


Chicken and Cauliflower Hash

Starbucks American (black)


Grilled Chicken

Broccoli with garlic and EVOO

Snack: Navel Orange

I may do apple sauce as a preworkout snack.

So far, I think my biggest challenge is going to be eating enough. Any suggestions on things I could snack on throughout the day?

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Eating bigger meals is better than snacking during the day. And eating leftovers from a meal is a good choice for snacks. Many people eat too many nuts and too much fruit during a Whole30 by snacking on them several times per day.

Coconut oil melts to a clear oil when heated, so it won't keep looking like shortening. Good coconut oil is much better than cheap stuff, so if you don't like what you have, consider looking for a good brand like Nutiva (if that's not where you've started). There are other good brands, but Nutiva is the one I use.

Your pre-workout (and post-workout) meals needs to include protein. Eating protein signals your body to prepare to release energy. Most people don't need carbs (like apple sauce) to have energy during a workout, they just need the body to open up the store house.

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