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Starting Today, Sept 6th


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I started yesterday, too.  There are a bunch of folks who started today - I guess I'd better start counting my days, since I sort of lucked out and got through yesterday even though I had planned to start today. I got 'hungry' this afternoon...surely just craving...and had a banana with almond butter snack.  I haven't finished the book yet, just on the meal planning chapters now, but I gather bananas are not a great choice - can anyone explain why? I noticed lots of suggested substitutions for pre-WO snacks, etc. I do love a good banana!


I am completely new to Paleo, but a fairly clean eater.  I do have an eating disorder, however, and am in a place where a major shift in all food habits seems like the safest route for me.  My nutrionist recommended "It Starts with Food" regarding my likely insulin-resistance.  I couldn't be more relieved to learn about all the factors against me in trying to control my eating.  This is the first time I think I have a plan...not a diet.


Good luck to everyone!

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