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Starting tomorrow!!


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Hi everyone!


Did my major grocery haul after spending the day cleaning out the fridge and pantry. My kids are not going to know what to do! Junk is all gone.


Excited to join finally after months of 'thinking' about it. I've dabbled in Paleo and gluten free eating but I really need to get serious as I was just diagnosed as a Type 2. Now it's serious!


About me- a mid-30's homeschooling mama to 3 marvelous kiddos and 2 canine furbabies.


My goals are to get my blood sugars regulated, slay the sugar dragon, and get back my energy that I terribly miss. Losing weight will be a welcome side effect, but it's not just my only goal. I also suffer back pain, joint pain, leg cramps, and my mood and patience could use a tune up. Also desperately seeking the mojo I had before kids, I know the hubby will appreciate that ! :)



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Tomorrow will be my second crack at Whole30. I made it to day 3 and lost it. I got tremendous support here within minutes, and I have a different attack plan this time.


Keep posting; people here are quick to give help.


I also homeschool - it is the greatest experience. Take care.

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Welcome~ I'm on day 6.  I, too, rid the pantry of junk food, carbs and sugar.  I've had zero energy and a horrendous headache.  Per this forum, that is normal and it can last for about 2 weeks.  


We're all in this together...


Signed, former carbaholic/sugar addict

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