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I'm diving in now! How is the water? :D


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Hi everyone,

My name is Carol, and I'm starting on my first whole 30 challenge.

So...how did I end up here? I've been a follower of Melissa's blogs for awhile, and have heard her as well as many others speak very enthusiastically about paleo-type diet plans. Despite seeing a few success stories, I didn't really think they were for me. I tried Atkins or Atkins-like low-carb diets in the past and overall done poorly on them -- I did lose weight but always managed to gain it back.

A little while ago I noticed my weight was climbing and my energy was dropping. I'm a avid hiker, but I haven't had the energy to go hiking. Not good!

I decided to take another look at a lower carb diet. I tried putting my own diet plan together, but wasn't doing very well -- cheating after 2 days. A friend I know on Facebook has been following one of the paleo diets for some time, and shared a link to some of his favorite recipies. After googling some information, I decided to give it a try. I remember Melissa saying Paleo + Crossfit = fitness nirvana, I figure its time to give Paleo an honest shot. I found several references to the Whole 30 challenge and thought that will be something I will try after I get more acclimated to the way of eating.

After a couple of weeks on Paleo, I managed to largely wean myself off of grains, soy, and (gasp!) coffee. I built up enough energy to go out for a hike, then the next day I found myself cheating on the diet with some buttered flatbreads. Physically, I did not feel good after eating them. My face felt like it was getting puffy, and my overall body felt more inflamed. Yuck!

So...I'm ready to say enough is enough! I'm diving in to a Whole 30 challenge head on!

Looking forward to interacting with all of you. We can do this! :)


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