If I make mayo, what can I do with it?


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I just made my first batch - Immersion blender and it was magic!


My only thing was I goofed up the salt/vinegar/etc :lol: so I just threw in some Garlic powder and I have yummy garlic mayo!!


Next batch I'll pay closer attention :D 

I think 99.9% of me was sure this would not work out for me hence the mess up on measurements!!

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Can someone PLEASE tell me why I cannot get this mayo recipe to work! 3 failed attempts and I really, really want to eat this mayo!!!!


Ingredients: 1 room temp egg, 1T lemon juice (1/2 small lemon) 1/2 tsp ground mustard, 11/4 cup extra light olive oil, salt.


I blend the first 3 ingredients and slowwwwwly drizzle in the oil.


All 3 times I have made an oily soupy mess. First time I made it with the vitamix, ok, big mistake. Second time, less powerful blender, 3rd time immersion blender. Same results.


My favorite recipe is from Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook.


2 egg yolks

2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

1 tsp yellow mustard

1 tsp salt

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

2 cups light olive oil


I half the recipe and use a hand mixer. My arm hurts when I am done because it takes about 20 min:) I used to worry about everything being room temp but it has been so successful that I just toss in all in there cold. I tried to use my Ninja (cheaper version of Vitamix) and it totally did not work. My mom uses her mixer and it works really well also.


I hope it works out for you!! Good luck!!

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I always use a whole egg and one extra yolk. It is the lecithin in the yoke that really helps the emulation. I also use 1 T lemon juice and 1 T acv and 1/2 tsp each salt and dry mustard.   When I have had mayo break, I chill it and then drizzle it over another yolk in the blender. 

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i used the one found in ISWF.


and used my buddy's emulsion hand-held.  it was easy peasy.


to celebrate, i took a little of the mayo, added some chili powder and dipped leftover WF compliant rotisserie chicken in there.


it was yummmmmy.    (and ate some baby carrots to finish up the mini meal)


i feel like i just opened a whole new door!



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No doubt you have made it enough times you know how it sounds as the mayo gets thicker and thicker - until it breaks and goes all soupy. As you are hearing it, stop before you've drizzled all the oil in. If it tastes good to you, you're done! There's no reason you have to incorporate every last drop.

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I've had the same problem with the mayo recipe except that it worked the first 3 times I made it then all of a sudden it just wouldn't work anymore!!


I put it down to using a different brand olive oil (which was crappy quality) but then I bought a better quality oil and it didn't work still! So disappointed as I love using the home made mayo for salads and in tuna etc.

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I put mayo on all kinds of things that I never did before. It's awesome! I didn't think of on cooked veggies! MMM...I'm trying that tonight!


I use my regular blender and I tried making a double batch. I thought I was going to burn it up! Does anyone else make a double batch?

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I make mayo with just a whisk. One egg yolk, bit of salt, vinegar, dijon mustard whisked together a bit and then pouring the oil in whilst stirring fairly slowly. The consistency is perfect. I'm just still struggling with the amount of vinegar and mustard. I've added some curry powder to go with chicken. The possibilities are endless though. Garlic, parsley, paprika, finely diced pickles (the approved kind)...

I stir it in a small bowl with a lid, so I can store it in the fridge in it and just quickly wash the whisk. I usually have the egg white in my omelette the next morning. Anyway, you do not need a blender for making mayo and it is much quicker and easier to make than you might think.

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OK, I had to make some mayo today, so I decided to take pictures of the process. I only have two hands so I couldn't take pictures of me stirring and pouring the oil :-) Essentially what happens in the photos is that I stirred one egg yolk a bit. Not whisk or whip. Stir with a whisk. Then started pouring the oil slowly whilst stirring. Now and again I just stirred...like you'd stir a coffee...but with a whisk...and it's not coffee, but a thickening mayo. I had to add two types of olive oil as I ran out of the first one. I'm not sure how much I used...close to a cup perhaps. I'm sure I could've added even more and just continue to stir. The consistency didn't change a lot after the oil was added as you can see from the photos. Then I stirred in half a teaspoon of white wine vinegar (it can be something else as well, or lemon juice), half a teaspoon of Dijon mustard and some Maldon salt. I also decided to add a pinch of white pepper. As the olive oil has a really strong taste by itself (and not great in mayo) I covered the taste a bit with one grated clove of garlic, some rucola (or arugula or what ever you Anglo folk call it :-)) and parsley.

If I would not have been taking photos, the whole thing would've taken me less than five minutes. I have also failed with mayo when using a whole egg or a blender :-) So, there you go. Here are the photos (you can click them to make them bigger):


Oh, and the mayo is not turning blue in the photos :-) It's just a reflection.

P.S. After eating it with a chicken salad, it was very garlicky :-) So less than a clove would be better.

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