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Whole9 "alternative" to toast, ideas anyone?

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Okay, so this is a bit weird as I have been following whole9 for about a year and prior to that not been a regular bread eater for 20 years and only an occasional eater of gf breads the last 10 years or so.

I am happy staying sugar, grain, dairy and legume free and my stomach thanks me for it every day.

But while I don't miss other foods as I have found yummy more nutritious alternatives (like egg, sweet potato, fruit, coconut or nut puddings or an egg and almond meal pizza base or pie crust occasionally), I have suddenly become fixated on finding an equivalent to toast.....

Not sure if it is the crunch I miss (I have potato chips sometimes for this reason) or the fun of putting toppings on like avocado, egg, yeast spread.

Can anyone suggest some nutritious grain free alternatives that aren't sweet ?(I could probably make a coconut bread but I want a more savoury flavour...) I am open to all suggestions!

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How about crispy or dehydrated, sliced carrots or zucchini?

(And, should this go into a post-W30 discussion?)

Good point, Nico! I didn't notice what section it was in on my phone :)

Following on from your idea, what about grated zucchini/sweet potato made in to patties, with egg perhaps, crispied up?

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I've found a recipe for turkey toast!!

1lb ground turkey

1tsp mixed herbs

Salt & pepper

Oil for the pan (ghee, butter, goose fat)

Heat oil over a low heat

Combine the meat, herbs & seasoning

Flatten the mixture onto parchment paper. You can either cut it into squares now or as it cooks.

Cook around 10 mins, turning once

Serve (ideally) warm, spread with ghee (or butter if post whole30!)

From The Paleo Primer, by Keris Marsden & Matt Whitmore

I haven't tried it yet, i'm not sure exactly how "toasty" it would be! I can't see any danger of SWYPO though, seeing as it's just MEAT :lol:

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