A good substitute for honey? nothing?


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My husband and I have been cooking up a storm the past two weeks of our Whole30. We are putting conscious effort into good meals that are well-seasoned and delicious as not to feel deprived. 


We want to cook the following Asian marinated spareribs in our crockpot. 




The recipe calls for honey. Should we substitute with fresh squeezed orange juice or any other recommendations? 


Thanks for any help! 

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My husband and I are 7 days into our first Whole30.  Being from the south (the heart of it, Charleston, SC) we are accustomed to drinking lots of sweet tea.  I was able to get off the poison, but the hubster is having a hard time not drinking tea...he decided to give it up instead of going sugar free. I want to surprise him with some "sweet" tea.  Anyone have a recipe for simple syrup made from dates that I could use instead of the white poison??  


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