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Time to get back on track


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My plan was to start the whole 30 today but I had a bit of an emotional eating binge today.   


I started eating Primally in February and did the whole 30 successfully back in May.  I do not eat grains, legumes, or seed oils.  I source all my food purchases.  I am on first name basis with the two farmers who supply my eggs and meat and am confident that their animals are not only humanely raised but are pastured and organically fed.  I eat maybe one serving of fruit a day and all my vegetable are organically raise in my garden.  How more local can you get than 10 feet out the back door!  So in theory this whole 30 challenge should be easy peasy.




Chocolate is my kryptonite.  So as I write this I am finishing up the chocolate I purchased this morning to self medicate and am making a public commitment to start the whole 30 tomorrow.  I am a total newbie to this site - I read "It Starts with Food" before I started my first whole 30 in May - but did not go public at that time.  So if anyone has any suggestions on the best way for me to join in to take full advantage of what is offered on this site please let me know. 


OK, that's it.  I just popped the last piece of chocolate in my mouth.  I think I'll start my whole 30 now :P

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