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Starting today, 9/9, again


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Well I am back after taking way too many months off. I decided that I was going to start another whole 30. My last attempt during the spring gave me awesome results for both my husband and I has far as weight loss was concerned. I have gotten veered off track throught out summer months, but I am back with a vengance. It is getting to the point where I am MISERABLE with the way I look. I hate clothes shopping, I don't feel sexy in anything I wear, and my *eh-hem* love life with my husband is being affected by this as well. So, since I saw great results the first time (and I only made it 25 days), I figured I would give it another go-around, but my goal this time is not JUST weight lose, but to permanently (for the most part) change the way I eat.


So if you are also starting today, good luck to you, and I am here if you need any help or encouragement as that is what pushed me through the first time!

I need to break out my recipe book so I can plan ahead since all I had to bring to work today was pinapple, a cucumber, and some green beans :/

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