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Newbie - Day 12


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Halfway through day 12 on my first Whole 30!


I'm still dealing with some serious fatigue, and am sleeping 10-11 hours every night. Fortunately my job is flexible re my hours right now, so it hasn't been a problem, other than being slightly unnerving. I've always been someone who slept at least 8 hours a night because I need it, but to be sleeping this many hours for so long is crazy. I'm hoping it's a part of recovery and repair, and that it won't continue. It's okay for a few weeks, but will eventually begin to interfere with life.


Also, the cravings have started to kick in for real. I lucked out getting through the first few days with minimal fatigue and headache, but now am reeeeeeally wanting a brownie (or the freshly-toasted everything bagel my office neighbor is apparently eating). I was ready for the cravings, so am not in any danger of falling off the wagon, but good Lord is it hard. I know it'll be worth, it, though, and don't want the last 11 days to go to waste! But I sure am already thinking about what I can eat on day 31. (Hoping that will dissipate after I move past this cravings hump.)


Eating a lot of sweet potatoes (one a day) but avoiding fruit (have had 3-4 pieces since Day 1) because I have a nasty sugar dragon. I'm trying to eat enough other things to sustain my energy, but suspect that after years of "carbo-loading" for my intense workouts, my system is still becoming fat-adapted and just isn't there yet. 


I do have a great support system - a few other friends have done this before me, so the general circle is used to the weird eating and very supportive. 


My mantra: I can do anything for 30 18.5 days, so no reason to give up!

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