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distilled white vinegar =/

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The Wal-Mart brand just says distilled white vinegar. The Heinz brand I just got sho' nuff says made from sun ripened grains or some depressing thing. I never ever stopped to think about this! Actually, scratch that, I don't think I ever fully understood what vinegar was or where it came from. >.<  And I have been so good about scrutinizing labels, and annoying my boyfriend to death by borrowing his smart phone to research something when I don't recognize what it is.


Each week, I buy berries, and let them soak for a bit in a dilution of about 1/11 of this distilled white vinegar and water - presumably, I was killing off mold so they would last longer in my fridge. Just enlightened today, on day 24, that this vinegar is non-compliant. Geez. I throw myself at the mercy of your collective wisdom - surely, this hasn't defeated the purpose / my progress?

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