If you are away from home and need a snack...


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I read in other topics that a snack should be closer to something like a half meal and I get the idea but what if you are not looking for something that big, or you don't have access to the reccomended fats and protein.


I guess what I am asking is can you have a snack of just vegetables, perhaps vegetables low in carbs just to stretch out until your next full meal?


So for example, I'm at work and its about another hour until I would normally eat lunch but my breakfast is not carrying me as long as I had hoped.  If I eat lunch early, it will need to last 6.5 - 7 hrs until dinner and that is unlikely.  There is a vegetarian natural/organic shop near my office where I could find plenty of complaint snacks.  Does that offset the plan if you're not eating some protein and fat with it?

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Doesn't have to be low in carbs. If it's a shop, maybe grab some veggies, an apple, some almonds/almond butter, and if you can find compliant protein (hardboiled egg, jerky, something), that'd be awesome. 

Personally, an apple and almonds/almond butter are my emergency snack. A little high on the sugar, a little low on the protein, but if it's all I've got, it's all I've got. 

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You can eat anything that is made of compliant ingredients for today.  In the future, try to eat more at meals so that they will sustain you.  If that isn't working, try to plan a fourth meal during your day.


A mini-meal can be just a bit of meat/egg, any kind of fat, and any kind of veggie.  Stash a half cup to a cup of a meal somewhere - like a freezer.  Jerky with coconut meat and some dried veggies is a little more portable.


Try to avoid fruit alone or nuts alone and recognize that fruits and nuts combined are not a mini-meal.


Again, eat if you are hungry.  Go with the template (even shrunken) and you will kill your cravings faster.

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