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Started the 9th, have already avoided cake at a party


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Hi there! I just started my very first Whole30 on Monday. I was feeling out of control, food-wise, and also worried that I might gradually becoming diabetic like all four of my grandparents and my mom. This seemed like a good tool for fixing both of those things.

So now I'm four days in and I've already survived both my first restaurant meal--it was Japanese, and I had sashimi and an avocado salad with no dressing--and held out against cake at my sorority's bid night party that I know from previous experience is obnoxiously delicious.

I'm pretty proud. And people have been surprisingly non-judgey so far, but I guess I am kind of looking for people who are going through the same thing to bond with rather than just friends who will offer to eat their cake elsewhere before I make it clear that I'm not judging their dietary choices. If that makes sense.

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