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1st W30 - take 2 - I KNOW what I'm doing now!


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Between a friend's bday party, and then some personal anxiety over trying to switch careers, the last two days has not been compliant.


1 drink.  1 meal.


I'm super committed to this and don't see these as failures.  Sincerely.  If anything, I know now I have to be careful (for now) about very social, kind of significant situations.  And if I get anxious or frustrated.


Non-compliance isn't the answer for these.


I have 2 parties coming up in the next 30 days.  I've already informed both people who invited me that I will not be drinking. 




I'm starting over.  Glad to!


And this time, I'm a lot more comfortable than when I started out last time. 


Because last night was bad, I also didn't go to WF.  And when I woke up, my fridge was bare.  No problem.  Got in my car, went to WF, picked up some cashews, 100% organic grass-fed ground beef, red & yellow bell peppers, celery, and bok choy.  That was my breakfast, and my lunch.


It may even be my dinner.


While I don't see them as failures, I'm not GLAD that I went off-road.  However, I fell.  I picked myself up, dusted myself off and immediately got back on that W30 horse.


and THAT is something I couldn't have done a few weeks ago.  So things are definitely better.


Thanks to all those who have given me support in my first attempt.  Looking forward to the next 29 days.



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Well Day 1 was interesting.


Was kind of easy.   For dinner tried to make a shrimp omelet with mushrooms and red bell pepper.  finished it up with cashews.


I feel like it wasn't enough vegetables.  So, next time I'll have to cook some extra.


Was out with friends and i started to think about some bad food (specifically, a Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich).  And i was like, hey, why am i thinking about this so much.  even texted a friend "i'm dying for a Wendy's..."  (who responded "you better not.")


I couldn't figure out why.  Despite the bad meal yesterday, I hadn't felt any cravings or urges all day until tonight AFTER i had already eaten dinner.


The I thought, maybe I need water.  Bought a bottle and drank it...cravings gone.  Good lesson.  I may just be thirsty.


Anyway, Day 1 done. 


29 to go.



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Day 2 - i'm either not good at making omelettes...or i'm used to ketchup.  made a shrimp, mushroom, bell pepper omelette. (threw some bok choy on top for more veggies). followed up with some cashews.  


I may post on another board and see what people add to omelettes to make 'em less dry. 


anyway, so far, so good.


looking forward to the weekend.  on the plan:  make my own mayo.  FINALLY use my new slow cooker.  and something about pork butts. 

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Day 3 - today has been difficult.  i woke up and didn't have time to cook breakfast.  didn't end up eating for about 3 1/2 hours after i woke up.


in addition, dealing with an issue in my personal life.


so during those 3 1/2 hours, while i was out running errands (including food shopping), i just kept thinking how much easier it would be to pick up bad food. 


i can't say that it was brutally difficult to not...but i can't say it was super easy.


anyway, first meal of the day - some salmon, eggs, celery, red/yellow bell pepper, bok choy.  and i'll eat a few olives.

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Rollo, do you have any broth in your fridge? If you can microwave that and carry it in a personal thermos, it can tide you over until you can eat something. Sorry today was rougher for you.  Good for you for working through it!

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Sooooo...I pretty much slept the afternoon (it's still Day 3). 


There's a huge difference between my starting day 1 over 3 weeks ago, and my starting day 1 just 2 days ago.  I mean, I'm not feeling awful like i was the first time, or hating life, or only thinking about bad food.


And I only had 1 bad meal and 1 alcoholic drink in my slip.


But, Is it possible that I'm still going through a version of what Day 3 is usually like and that's why i slept all afternoon??


Or, you know...maybe i just didn't sleep enough last night.   I guess that's always a possibility.


I'm gonna go make a meal. prob same as earlier.  salmon & eggs. veggies. olives.


I notice I tend to cook the same thing until I'm out of stuff.


Like, I bought some salmon today at WF (i was buying ground beef, and the guy goes "you know, we just got some wild caught salmon in today" and i was like "point me the way, my good man"  so i had this 1 kind of big piece of salmon.  i figured i could cut it in 2, that way i can have salmon and eggs. instead of just salmon. 


so now i've got 1/2 a piece of salmon left.  i feel like i should go through it before starting something else.  like i'm worried it'll go bad and still don't have enough experience cooking to know, ah! i can totally make something else and then get BACK to the salmon.


anyway, rambling.  still Day 3.  don't expect a problem.



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It's amazing how I can make progress then have to start over.


a little bit of stress + a bad meal + a lack of time = my deciding to choose a bad meal over finding something at WF to eat.  (i wasn't at home. one of those don't get home until 11 nights).


i blame myself for making that decision, of course.


anyway, fall down. pick myself up.  texted a buddy...let him know that i fell, and asked if him if it'd be okay if i texted him meal updates for the next week or 2. until i feel like i can be tempted and be okay.  he was totally on board with that.


So, tomorrow's Day 1. again.  not happy.  but at least it's not gonna go beyond 1 meal.


Tonight, got home at 11.  Spent almost an hour cleaning the slow cooker, and prepping the meal for my first slow cooker recipe.


Super excited to wake up tomorrow to something different and exciting.  Something that will help me not worry about meals for a day and a half. 


Looking forward to Day 1.  again.



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On Day 2.  Day 1 was easy.  I'm expecting today to be as well. 


I realize that I've started over 3 times, but in 28 days I've had 3 bad meals. 


I can't even begin to state how much better that is.


My goal is still to hit Day 30 - and i have a wedding i have to deal with around day 25 - but I'm still going for it.


Also, i think the slow cooker is gonna be my best friend.

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still day 3 - bison & cabbage & cashews for breakfast.  

lunch - leftover cabbage and pork stew

dinner - shrimp & peppers (red/yellow) omelette.


first meal was odd, but next two were super tasty.


have a thai chicken recipe in the slow cooker


and plan on hitting the farmers market tomorrow and seeing if i can find some fun grass fed cuts!

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