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Eating fat before bed


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Hi All,


I'm on day 5 of my first Whole30. I'm realy loving the program and have had no major issues except for one: The past 2 nights I've had a hard time falling asleep.

I eat dinner around 7:30pm (after my evening workout) and try to get into bed around 9:30pm. However, the past 2 nights I've been legitimatley hungry around 10pm so much so that it interfers with my sleep. At this time, I'll get up put of bed and go have a spoonful of coconut butter or coconut cream. Then - boom - out like a light. Although I think my daily meal plan is great (I eat untiil I'm full), I worry about eating fat at night and right before bed. Help!


Typical Day:


Wake 5:30am: Do fasted steady state cardio for 45-60 mins (I'm a conditioned athlete, no biggie here).


M1 7:45am: 3 eggs, 1 cup kale, 1 cup mixed veggie, 3oz sweet potato with 2 TBS almond butter, coffee with coconuut cream


M2 12:30: 5oz protein (chicken or fish or grass fed beef), 1 cup kale, 1 cup broccoli, serving of olives, serving of strawberries, 1/2 avocado


M3 Pre-workout: 3-4oz chicken or beef, spoon of coconut butter or coconut cream


PM Workout: 6pm Crossfit class


M4 7:30pm: 5oz protein, 3 cups mixed salad greens, chopped veggies (red pepper, carrot, cucumber), 1/2 avocado, balsamic vinegar and olive oil drizzle.




Thoughts or suggestions? I apprechiate it all in advance. This Forum looks wonderful and I want to do this Whole30 right.

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Your meals throughout the day sound okay, but if you are eating at 7:30 and feel hungry at 10, you probably aren't eating enough. And it could be that you need to eat more earlier in the day and not at your last meal. That is one of the things I have found by experience - if I don't eat enough in the first half of the day, it can be difficult to eat enough in the second half. However, if all it takes for you to sleep well is a spoonful of coconut butter, I'd just eat the coconut butter like I take melatonin at bed time and enjoy it. 

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The first time I did a Whole 30 I encountered this same thing in the beginning (so did my husband). And here we are on our second, both sneaking to the kitchen for a spoonful of sunflower seed butter after lights out. I think I remember is subsiding later on. Kind of weird, but I'm glad we're not the only ones.

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