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(Almost) Second Whole 30 -- would love some company!


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Hi Friends,

I've started a second Whole 30 and would love some company if anyone is in a similar situation, or just wants to band together on the journey.  I got to Day 25 and realized that I really had let some things slide.  I didn't eat any off limits foods, but I didn't really eat them in the right way:  eating too late or when I didn't need to, too heavy on the fruit and nuts.  So I decided to go back to the beginning.  Maybe a little nutty, but it felt better than having a false celebration at a Day 30 that wasn't really what I wanted to accomplish.  This time I really want to focus on the habit stuff, and on making it feel like "this is just the way I live" rather than "ooh, I'm doing this diet thing."


Here are my goals for this next Whole 30:
1) no distractions while eating - music, radio, podcasts OK but no TV or computer while eating (What have others experienced about reading while eating? I know I can get really lost in a book)
2) no more mindless eating at night or on weekend afternoons. Every bite needs to be intentional
3) exercise for at least 30 mins at least 3x a week. 

These feel realistic, although they will certainly require effort and will test my commitment at times. 

I am also deciding that, as I have a high school reunion at the end of the month, I will allow myself to go off road for that. Although it occurs to me it might be really interesting to see what it's like not to. Don't have to decide right now. 

Woo-hoo, here we go!! Hope you'll join me.


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Hello! How did your first day go?  Hope you're finding your way around the website OK.  

Yesterday was good for me -- I feel good about what and how much I ate, got some exercise and feel really good this morning.  I've been doing this for a while, this is more cleaning up my act time for me.  But it's been an amazing journey so far.

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