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Starting Whole30 tomorrow!!


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I bought "It Starts With Food" about a week or so ago and finally read and just about finished the book yesterday.  I'm totally stoked about starting the Whole30 challenge!  


I have been dealing with neck and lower back pain, IBS, adult acne & allergies on top of being overweight and a complete lack of motivation to exercise.  I used to be super athletic with tons of energy but lately it's just not there.  I feel depressed and miserable a lot of the time rather than the bubbly, peppy person I used to be.  Since having my daughter in 2011, I've had a hard time losing the weight despite my trying to eat "right" and exercise.  I felt like I would push myself through strenuous exercise for a hour a day and starving myself with 1,200 calorie restriction for nothing!  The weight never came off and at the end of the week I was so hungry that I would binge on any and everything in the house.  I just want my life back- I'm 31 years old feeling like I'm going on 80 with the aches and pains, I breakout like a teenager and eat like a pig.  I am so ready to give up the processed foods, reset and start over for a happier and healthier life!  :)


Lets rock n' roll baby!  ;) 

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