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Teenage packed lunches


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A lot of food. I eat a TON, so I'd assume that the teen will eat everything and still want more.


Cooked veggies are more condensed than salads (less room for more filling food), and you can put them in a container the night before easily.


HB or deviled eggs, veggie-filled frittata slices/egg muffins are easily eatable without a fork/knife. Any meat. I've done tuna salad on cucumber slices before (delish!) and are a good way to get mayo into him/her.


I like cold SP mash as a side (coconut milk/oil/ghee can easily hide in it with pumpkin-type spices, i.e. cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves...and help get enough fat into the diet without tasting funny). 


I used to use a Ms. Bento lunch box but it doesn't hold nearly enough food anymore...so sad...

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