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Another Rocktober in Stockholm


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I did it last year, and I will do it again: follow W30 through October. I know you should not plan ahead, but I find it much easier to fit my schedule around W30 than the other way around. 


So I will start October 7 (due to a long planned trip to London and a big party October 4-7). 


This will be my third W30. The first one, last October, was fantastic! The second, in March, less so, probably because I had been eating pretty W30 all the time in between, so I felt no real difference. 


Now I am looking forward to a third round, since I need to clean up some of my habits (in particular wine, peanut butter & dark chocolate). 


See you all in a month! 



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Hej på dig!

Ursäkta mig, Svenska inte min första språket, och Jag har inte skrivit på Svenska under en mycket lång tid. (well, I had to use Google translate to help with a few words there...)

I am on day 11 of my first Whole 30 and found your name under a list of bloggers (fyi - your link was discontinued).

I am the daughter of Kerstin Nyström who emigrated from Svärdsjö, Sverige in 1956.

She spoke Swedish with me when I was little, but stopped when I began school. As an adult I lived in Stockholm for 1 year to re-learn Swedish and experience Sweden, but that was MANY years ago...

Anyhow, my Whole30 has been going very well, and while it's easy to say now, I think I will do this for much longer as I need to loose a lot of weight.

Lycka till!



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