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Whole 30 #2 to battle S.A.D. symptoms


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Quick overview: I did my first W30 in August - most notable results were my improved mood and energy levels. 


I have a history of depression - much improved in the last 5/6 years, but I find darker days difficult.Having lost my way a bit post-W30 and found myself eating sugary things nearly every day - and feeling more negative and sleepy - I think it is worth getting back on track to help myself transition into the short, dark days.


This is likely to turn into a Whole 45 because of a short holiday around days 12-15 which will likely make it difficult to stick with the programme. I'm not going to give myself a hard time about slipping during those days, I'll just extend it. I want to do so anyway because that takes me into late October, when the clocks change.


Also going to be logging other things I think are important to getting through the shorter days:

- being outside in daylight

- daily exercise

- being sociable


And my results day by day:

- mood

- creativity*

- energy levels


*my work is creative - so I will log how much work I get done, which is a good measure of how well I'm coping with the blues.

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Day one:

Daylight: Really bright morning - I walked to work so spent 1.5 hours outside getting light

Exercise: 1.5 hour walk to work (approx 4 mi.) and 2 dance classes

Socialising: Damce classes

M1: coffee with ghee and coconut butter before I set off

After my walk:

3-egg omelette, greens, anchovies, tsp of nut butter and some flaked coconut

M2: 1 boiled egg, tin of sardines, 3 sun dried tomatoes, 1 avocado, greens, spoon of nut butter, coconut flakes

Snack: nuts, nut butter. (Need to bring in a more protein-y snack food for tomorrow)

M3: Chilli, carrots, half an apple, salad with home made dressing

Mood: Steady/good

Energy: Felt good in the morning. Very sleepy in the afternoon.

Creativity: Did half an hour before my day job, about a page of work.

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Day two:

Daylight: 20 min journey to work/20mins at midday/ 20 mins on way home - very cloudy though
Exercise: Cycle to work and back (approx 8 mi.)
Socialising: not much !

M1: coffee with ghee and coconut butter before I set off, 2 eggs
At work:
3-egg omelette, greens, tsp of nut butter and some flaked coconut, half an apple

Snack: A fig, a coffee.

M2: Toasted seeds, tahini, with tuna, chorizo, tomato and rocket salad. half an apple

M3: Roast beef, sweet potato mash, tomatoes and leeks, salad

Mood: Undermotivated. Jittery
Energy: Steady in morning, blood sugar all over the place after lunch.
Creativity: An hour before my day job, 1.5 pages.

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Day three:

Daylight: 20 mins here and there

Exercise: 4 mile walk

Socialising: A nice evening out

M1: 5 egg omelette with bacon, roast beef leftover

M2: snacked

- pieces of chorizo

- salad and roast chicken

- nuts and cherry tomatoes

- sesame seeds

M3: Chipotle carnitas and guacamole

Mood: Strange panicky feelings

Energy: High all day

Creativity: About half page

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Day four:

Daylight: Very little and it's very overcast

Exercise: None

Socialising: None

M1: 4 slices bacon, squash, an egg, a bulletproof coffee

M2: snacked on almonds, then anchovy and chorizo in a tahini dressed salad

M3: salmon, squash, salad, 3 boiled eggs

Mood: Big grump in the morning, better later

Energy: good today but jittery again mid afternoon

Creativity: More than a page and a half

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