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Long time between meals - help


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Hi, I'm new to the whole 9, and decided to start the whole30 today (been sitting on it for a few days and finally decided to do it). However, I'm a bit hessintant given the time of my meals: I usually have breakfast around 8.20, and then lunch at 1pm (no problem there), however, I usually have to wait till 9 or 9.30 pm to have dinner (that around the time my dad comes home - its normal in South America to eat later than in the US).


Here lies my problem: I don't get hungry, per se, but I start wanting to eat at around 7 pm, and its really hard to hold off food until 9. Is there anything you guys recommend? should I snack on something or have dinner when I'm hungry? (I doubt I would be able to sit with my family while they eat and not eat anything.


Thanks a lot!

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