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This is what my life used to be like:  A very important person in my life passed from cancer and I took up a commitment to ice cream, one to two pints per day, and add in some alcohol.  I was tired, grouchy, sleeping like crap, had acne, felt short of breath walking a very short distance, loathed what my body looked like, etc.  Needless to say, I was packing on the weight and subsequently depression.


This is how I found Whole30:  I started doing kettlebell training with Peter Hirsh here in San Diego and he mentioned Whole30, casually.  I made the goal to start in a week or so, and then just said to heck with that, I'm starting tomorrow!


During my Whole30 Experience:  I decided to write a sentence or two about each day of the Whole30 process....  Here they are.  :)

  • Day 1: I'm so excited!
  • Day 2: I saw a chocolate chip on the floor, tucked stealthily under the cabinet, and I salivated!
  • Day 3: What am I doing?  No seriously.  What have I gotten myself into.  I almost vomited when I went to eat my salad at lunch.
  • Day 4: She can have Wheat Thins?  I don't even like them but I want to tackle her and steal, steal, steal!  What the heck are "wheat thins" anyway?!?!?!?
  • Day 5: I have sugar tracking capabilities.  I can smell a cookie from 30 feet away.
  • Day 6: Oy vey.
  • Day 7: Going strong!  But damn I want a nap.
  • Day 8: Great energy, but I'm feeling a bit chunky.
  • Day 9: Hmmm.... Still mildly jealous of the girl eating Mac&Cheese!
  • Day 10: I've got this! No big thang!
  • Day 11: Chicken, again?  Again?  Ugh.
  • Day 12: Why am I not hungry? At. All.
  • Day 13: Please explain to me why sausage must have sugar in it, huh?!
  • Day 14: I am so exhausted.
  • Day 15: Mustard is the new love of my life.
  • Day 16: Holy eff!  Where did this energy come from!!!!!!
  • Know what's funny.... I stopped logging after that, because I kind of stopped counting days.  Tiger blood hit and I was off and running!

Now that I've finished my Whole30:

  • I'm sleeping better (not the best, but definitely a big difference),
  • I have so much more energy,
  • People say my skin glows,
  • I haven't had a single headache,
  • I'm working out 3-4 days a week,
  • .... and I've lost 18lbs.

If you're considering this program - DO IT!  It's only 30 days... And if you're a sugar-aholic like I was before I started, when you finish, you'll likely realize eating all that sugar just isn't worth it anymore.  Best wishes to everyone.  :) You *CAN* do this. 





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Wow! I lost my mother to cancer 2.5 years go, it was 9 months after having my first child and I was 1month pregnant with my second. Talk about STRESS! I was depressed and angry and crying all the time.

I found W30 thru a FB friend at thebeggining of this year and began reading about whole9, paleo and trying to learn how to cope with such incredible loss. I am so happy to hear that you can come out the other side in a better place. It's seems like after 2.5 years that the pain/grief should subside but it is stil an incredible obstacle for me. I do feel much more in control on W30, but I'm a work in progress. Thank you for your post!

Congrats on your wonderful success story, keep up the good work.

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Awww, yes, the grief is a tough one.  I'm only 5 months (exactly) out from the biggest love in my life passing.  Up and down and up and down.  You are very correct - I feel *much* more in control with this type of eating, or maybe balanced is a better word for me.  Here's hoping I can regain the health and weight that I had prior to all of this going on.  Thanks so much for your post, keep on going! <3

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I am so sorry for your loss. Congratulations for seeing a whole30 through during such a difficult time! Gosh, I feel like a ninny for not having finished one to date! Best of luck to you. You are beautiful btw! :-)

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