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3 months later - Life after Whole 30 - Still going strong! With Pics, measurements, and weight loss


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After following Whole 30 for 75 days straight, I decided to follow Whole 30 still, but allow myself an item once in a while and think long and hard about if it's worth it or not.



I began this journey on June 9th.


I have lost:


46.9 lbs


6.5 inches in hips

5.25 inches in upper ab

3 inches in mid ab

5.5 inches in lower ab

4 inches in each thigh

1 inch in each calf

2.75 inches in each arm


For a total of 35.75 inches lost!


Pant size - from a 22 to in between a 14 and 12 depending on brand!

Shirt size - from a 1x and 2x to a Large sometimes Medium

I had to get my wedding ring resized - from a 10 to an 8 (and it's starting to get loose again!!)


And I can run a 5k in 36 minutes (3 weeks ago I was doing it in 40 minutes) and if I do just 1 mile I can do it in 10:30.


I still have about 28 lbs I would like to lose. I hope to get there by the end of this year :)


See my pics below :) Please do not copy. Thanks!




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Wow, so inspiring! Are you doing any other kind of exercise beside jogging/running/walking? I saw in one post you mentioned a plank. Are you doing other bodyweight exercises? 

I am doing Zumba twice per week too. I love Zumba! I am going to get certified to teach Zumba in 2014!

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