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Day 1-Feel like death!


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I'm on Day 1.

I expected to feel this way in a couple days but not so soon.




Severe stomach pains (assuming gas)


0 Appetite

No energy





8-9am Crossfit

Breakfast- 1/2 Sweet Potato & 1 egg

Lunch-Apple & Lunabar


Dinner- Sitting here not wanting to eat!

Ate Apple & Lunabar slightly before then after lunch. Didn't have an appetite but was scary low on energy.

Haven't craved sugar at all.

I'm used to drink a Spark (Advocare) at least once a day minimum.

Any help, tips, encouragement are greatly appreciated!

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You are eating far too little.


Do you have a copy of the meal template? http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Meal-Planning-Template.pdf
- You want 1-2 palm sized amounts of protein at each meal, or the number of eggs you can hold in one hand.
- You want vegetables at each meal: at least 1-2 cups.

- You want fats at each meal: at least 1-2 thumb-sized portions.
- Snacks should be a mini-meal including a protein and fat.


I don't believe Lunabars are Whole30 compliant. 


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No, you might be confusing LUNA bars with Larabars.  Larabars (the flavors with compliant ingredients) are only acceptable on a Whole30 in an emergency situation.

And no, it's not normal to have all those feelings on day 1. However, what you ate collectively so far doesn't even constitute a single meal. 

I wonder if you might be coming down with a cold?

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Hi CortneyT!


I'm a healthy 5'5" woman -below is what I typically eat each day. Please notice how every meal has a significant amount of protein, fat and veggies.


Breakfast - 2 eggs and lots of chicken sausage with 1/2 sweet potato fried up in some bacon grease, and sometimes some berries


Lunch - can of tuna, 2 thumbs of olive oil with lots of shredded carrot, tomatoes, lettuce and vinegar (lots of carrot - I love my root veggies!) with a little bit of fruit


dinner - a very nice size chunk of pot roast with carrots, onions, celery and sweet potato or squash. Finish my meal with either some slices of frozen banana or frozen cherries with toasted coconut. Yum!


EAT!  I would feel terrible and nauseous, too, if I ate as little as what you ate during your first day.

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Thank you so much!! Today was 100% better!!!

Breakfast-3 slices of bacon, 3 eggs, 1 TBSP almond butter, 1 apple

Lunch- 2 talapia fillets with olive oil, asparagus, banana, hand full of black olives

Dinner- 2 chicken thighs wrappes in bacon, collars greens, squash. I had set out some berries but I was too full to eat them!

No headache at all today!

Got exhausted around 12. i was pitting ny 3 month old down for her nap and i fell asleep for about a hour and a half nap. Ate lunch when I woke up.

Tummy feels so much better already!!

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