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sandzu_ w30 part 2


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Day 1


This is the beginning of my second w30. I completed my first in the spring and then tried a re-intro where I failed miserably. I have been through a lot of change and stress and packed all the weight back on. Once i tried wheat and sugar again I was once again trapped in the cycle - the extra stress didn't help either. Since then I have moved from the Island and am now living with my daughter in Edmonton. I have been struggling to get back on track and have decided to do another W30 to help me get started. Up until now I have not had the funds to buy my own food and have had to eat whatever the rest of the family were eating. Got my first paycheck and stocked up on some acceptable rations and have begun again.


The day didn't start out so good as I ended up having some vanilla creamer in my coffee without realizing it until i had drank most of it. 


B - coffee with vanilla creamer

      A Boiled egg and some raspberries


L - Bison soup , 3 prune plums


D - Roast beef with yam and carrots and onions


an iced black coffee later in the day

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Welcome back!

On the breakfast, you want to have more eggs: equal to the number you can hold in your hand.  Also, have 1-2 cups of vegetables at every meal. Didn't see any at breakfast and not sure you had that amount at lunch. Don't let fruit push veggies off your plate.  :)

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Day 2

The beginning of my day was not so great but the rest of the day was better.

B/ Greek yogurt with a few raspberries and coffee

Had a lot of stomach pain and cramps - I'm sure it was the yogurt - wont have that again

L/ left over pot roast with yam and carrots and a small prune plum

D/ more left over roast and veggies

Feeling better . Off to bed early because I have to get up even earlier tomorrow :)

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Day 3

I'm actually thinking of doing a whole 60 as I know I struggle a lot in the beginning. Had s better day today - I think. Tried to eat better as well as more.

B/ 2 eggs 4 bacon and a small cup of black coffee

L/ roast beef carrots and yams cucumber and 1 prune plum

D/ spaghetti squash with meat sauce and mushroom and peppers

Had a giant headache today - might be sugar withdrawal

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Omg .... Having a melt down today... It's taking every ounce of strength to not devour a box of donuts this morning - trying to stay the course. Was this a bad time to start a whole 30?- I think I may need more fat -- not sugar.... Uuugggghhh

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