what should i add?


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What's a "large amount of broccoli"? If you're having 1-2 cups, increase to 2-3 cups.

You could also increase the protein by adding some meat or fish.


What are you drinking with your breakfast?  If you're having coffee, another way to add more fat is to add coconut milk, coconut oil and/or clarified butter to your coffee.  (My personal fav is coconut oil and clarified butter, blended with the coffee using my hand blender).

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I'd up the fat - you've only really got the fat in the eggs, plus a bit of cooking oil. depending on how you cooked them, a lot of the oil may be left in the pan.


Depending on how big/tall you are, you may be able to get an extra egg in - are you eating as many as you can hold? i can stretch to 4 if i try :) depending on how much "a large amount" of broccoli is, you could also eat more vegies. completely cover the plate!

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