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First Timer, Starting September 30


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Hello - I am starting my first Whole30 on September 30, and I'm excited, relieved, a little scared and very intimidated!


I am a 37-y-o working mom, lapsed triathlete and gym rat. My husband and I adopted our daughter at birth, so I always say that all my baby weight came AFTER my child was born - I have gained more than 30 pounds over the past 3 years. I lack the energy to get motivated for exercise, and I generally feel physically bloated, achy, and sore. I have never struggled with energy or weight gain before, and this has impacted me mentally as well!


My hope is that committing to Whole30 will help me physically reset my body and heal from 3 years of neglect. I hope that my commitment to Whole30 will also help me get to the place mentally where I can recommit to the self-care and healthy, active lifestyle that was my priority before becoming a mom.


The #1 thing that is going to help me succeed is advanced meal planning - my goal is to spend the next two weeks doing as much meal planning and prep work as possible so that staying on plan is easy.


Happy to be here!!

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Hi there.  I started a thread for beginning again on the 23rd.....no one responded *sniffle* so I thought I'd join you!

Are you still on track to begin on the 30th?


This will be my 3rd round, 1st time I made it to day 23, 2nd time I made it to day 28.  Both times i totally bombed reintro, and now I feel like c.r.u.d.....maybe the third time is the charm?


This time I'll be paying special attention to dairy reintro because I suspect that it's a problem for me, although I've been in denial about that for YEARS.



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