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How fast can changes happen?

Barb E

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I have really crappy shoulder mobility.

When I went for my 1 rep max for Front Squat last week the obstacle was not strength but shoulder mobility.

I couldn't even get close to the picture on the left let alone the picture on the right


Well seems I can't use that picture I found on the web - but if you don't know what I'm talking about

here is a link http://dk-workoutlog.blogspot.com/2011/06/11-06-08-front-squats-and-jumping-pull.html



That was last Tuesday, Day 2 of Whole30


So today, Day 9 of Whole30, both the coach and I noticed a pronounced difference in where my elbows were.  Was I the picture on the left? Nope, but I mean it was a very visible difference.  Enough so that I finally see hope for so many things in CrossFit!!


So, can there be that much change in my body already from the Whole30??  I've been working on shoulder mobility for months and months and months…

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I wish everything changed fast, but occasionally something happens in just a few days. If inflammation was blocking motion and your inflammation went down enough, you may be able to go places with joints you have not been in years. The mobility work you were doing may finally begin to make a difference because you may be able to actually work joints that were too immobile to move before. 


A little over a year ago, I had some dramatic mobility changes take place in a matter of 2 months that I thought would take 12 months of work to accomplish. It turns out that when you can actually just deal with range of motion without interference from inflammation, you can make quicker progress.  

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The day I set my 1RM I was this [_] close to tears and not the good kind.

Today I was this [_] close to tears and it was the good kind.


If this one thing moves this quickly for me, I'm one VERY happy camper as this has been a huge thorn in my side for 7 months!!


From what both of you have said, I would guess that it is a combination of the work I've been doing and the reduced inflamation. 
I wish someone could have caught a picture of the look on my face this morning when I realized my elbows were actually out in front of me instead of straight down - I'm pretty sure I looked pretty astounded :o


I'm so excited :lol: I hope we have Push Presses or Shoulder Presses in the WOD tomorrow so I can test this theory some more!!

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