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Friend considering Whole30!


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So I'm super excited that a friend is considering doing a Whole30. I've been friends with her for several years, and the only thing I ever knew that she knew about it was that she briefly looked it up after an away message I'd left while doing a Whole30. Her response was "that sounds really challenging!" It was a super short conversation and, other than knowing that I'm gluten free (as I had to ensure I could eat things at her house a few times) we hadn't discussed it at all.


She emailed me two nights ago asking my thoughts on it, whether I did a full one, how I made it work, etc. I gave her my honest opinion (absolutely go for it), recommended ISWF (not sure if she's read it, but let her know it was at the library in her location), and was surprised by her response.


She's been having weird, non-consistent responses to pizza and pasta lately, and isn't sure why. She thought an elimination diet might help narrow it down. She's talking to her husband about it (he'd need to be on board, as they're working to finish paying off debt and don't have the wiggle room for two distinct sets of food. 


Is there anything else you would add to that? She obviously is already seriously considering it and has done some looking into it (the idea of getting daily emails, what to  avoid, etc.). I gave her some recipe sites (NomNomPaleo and TheClothesMakeTheGirl) for ideas to try to get her husband on board with focusing on what you CAN have vs. what you CAN'T. They both work, too, so he really does need to be willing to help.


She's my first "convert" so to speak...did I miss anything?

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I think you've got everything!  You can hold their hand for only so long before they have to walk through the door themselves.  And support them as they go through the whole 30.


I'm in the process of trying to convince my brother and sister in law to do this - I think I've managed, but they are going through so much stuff - buying house, selling house + packing within a month and a half so they're not up for it at this very moment..... Right now I think they made the decision to cut out sugar and dairy (because my brother has discovered that it results in RA and Psoraisis flare ups)

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I also feel you have the bases covered.


If she's not ready to get ISWF yet, you could share the following with her, so she gets the basics:
- Whole30 program: http://whole9life.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/the-official-whole30-program-whole9life.com.pdf


- Meal template: http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Meal-Planning-Template.pdf


The only other thing that might help is if she starts to wean herself off certain foods now.  For example, about 2-4 weeks before starting my Whole30, I stopped having sugar in obvious food items. I didn't have chocolate, but didn't go label-crazy while grocery shopping or at a restaurant. For me, that helped "grease the skids" before I jumped in 100%.

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