Food and I are going to therapy...


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Hey y'all! My name is Chelsea and I started my first Whole30 yesterday. I first heard of paleo a few years ago and thought it was crazy/stupid (didn't help that I was not the biggest fan of the girl who told me about it). I was re-introduced to it almost a year ago by one of my very good friends, who also happened to be in the best shape of her life, which was a much better motivator for me to listen!

I have been eating "paleo-ish" for about 6 months now, but I still tend to get off track, especially on the weekends when my routine is less strict. I also live at home with my parents and 17 year-old brother who still indulge in things like Oreos, Hot Pockets, and chips making it tough to resist sometimes.

My relationship with food has also changed. I am CONSTANTLY thinking about what I'm putting into my mouth, it's almost obsessive. And even when I know that bag of Chex Mix is a bad idea, I still eat it. I enjoy healthy, good-for-you food, but sometimes ice cream and cheesy Tex-Mex just sounds better (not necessarily together). I was always feeling jipped or guilty. I know this type of relationship is not healthy (literally and figuratively) and it was causing me to stress about food, which is not the way it should be.

This is the main reason I decided to do the Whole30. Food and I need to go to therapy and fix our relationship! I want to be a happy, healthy eater again!

I also convinced my mom to do it with me. I think it will be tougher for her (she's not a paleo eater normally), but that makes it even more motivating for me to stay strong and commit 100%. I really want this for me, but more so for her!

Good luck to everyone else on their Whole30 journey! I'm glad to be there with y'all!



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Chelsea, that is so exciting for you! It's tough feeling guilty about food. I try to remember what I read on the Whole9 blog, that you're just making a choice, and your food choices don't determine your worth or goodness as a person. Even with this in mind, I still feel guilty sometimes! It definitely helps to have someone doing the Whole30 with you, my boyfriend and I did our first 2 together, and we're gearing up for our 3rd! Good luck, and let me know how it goes! :)

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Thanks!! The hardest part so far has been the planning and preparation. I am such a "grab and go" type of person, so it's been hard to plan full meals 3 times a day. But as my mom and I find meals we like and can go back to, it'll make it easier! And now we know to use our weekends to cook for the week ahead. Good luck with your next Whole30 too!

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