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Day 14 - No Boundless Energy or any energy

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I am on Day 14. I'm pretty sure I've been following everything by the book except that my breakfasts are a little small because I still have a hard time eating a lot in the morning.


I haven't had any "boundless" energy at all yet. I'm still sleeping past my alarm and snoozing and waking up super tired. I also caught a cold two days ago, so maybe that was coming and that's why no energy has kicked in. I'm super mad that I got a cold because I usually skip over it and I figured since I am eating so well, my body would resist it. I am a teacher, so this is the time of the year that most teachers get it. But I can usually luck out. Not this time.


I read a lot on the forums and I know that one of the things that is often suggested when someone is not experiencing things as they should is that they need to eat more starchy veggies, but I think I eat enough.


My husband started with me and therefore we are pretty much eating the same things and he said today he had so much energy, he didn't know what to do with himself. I feel like I am missing out. However, most of the timeline stuff didn't really apply to me. Day 10 and 11 weren't hard for me at all, my pants were never tighter, haven't had any cravings, and my clothes are not feeling looser yet either.


Here is a few days of meals for me.


Today -

B- Coffee with coconut milk creamer with coconut oil mixed in, 3 egg scramble in coconut oil with mixed colored bell peppers. Homemade mayo mixed in to eggs

L-Can of Tuna with homemade mayo, huge ziplock of veggies, 2 mini cucs, 1/2 yellow bell pepper, 1 whole green bell pepper, small tangerine

D- (coming) Cilantro Lime shrimp (about 13 prawns), cabbage slaw with carrots, homemade pico de gallo salsa


Yesterday -

B - Coffee with coconut milk creamer with coconut oil mixed in, 3 egg scramble in coconut oil with mixed colored bell peppers. Homemade mayo mixed in.

L - Deviled egg salad (basically deviled eggs, just chopped up and mixed together like egg salad), cucumbers, tangerine

D - 2 decent sized lemon paprika chicken thighs, Big Ass Salad - lettuce, cucs, 1 full tomato, 1/3 red and yellow pepper, 1/4 red onion, 1/2 avocado, homemade mayo/ranch dressing.


Day Before -

B - Coffee with coconut milk creamer with coconut oil mixed in, Egg Frittata with veggies with mayo on top (at least 3 eggs worth)

L - 1 can of tuna with homemade mayo made into lettuce wraps, cut up raw veggies, tangerine

D - "Hamburgers" two ground beef patties with sauteed onions on top with homemade mayo/ketchup/french's mustard, sweet potato fries baked with mayo/mustard



I had sweet potatos for several days in a row so for the last few days I didn't have them. So maybe I'm not eating quite as much starch as I thought...


I just feel like I'm not seeing a lot of the benefits yet, except getting a healthier relationship with food, which is no small feat, but still.


side note: I live overseas, so that's why I am about to eat dinner. :)

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It looks like you are eating a lot of your veggies raw. That can be hard on your digestion and require "extra" energy to process. It also fills your stomach quickly and may lead to feeling like you eat enough while you actually could use more. You might experiment with eating more cooked veggies for a while and see how it goes.

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I guess the last two dinners that I posted had raw veggies too, but that isn't typical. Usually the only raw veggies I have are at lunch.


The sweet potatos I can get where I live are huge like the size of maybe 3 that you would find in the states. But I could still do that and cut them up.


Maybe I'll make up a stew or some chili/soups and try that for a few days.

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It's still firmly summer there, right? (I'm in Phoenix, AZ so Autumn is still some time away) See if you can incorporate some sort of melon as your fruit. They're great for dealing with the constant heat. Or is there a native fruit that grows in summer? Nature often supplies the things we need to eat, when we need them, in that climate. :)


You may try experimenting with getting in your starchy carbs at different times of the day. Maybe breakfast and lunch. Or lunch and dinner. Or just one meal a day. On another thread recently, people were talking about how starchy carbs make them super tired. Maybe you can play with when you eat them, see how it affects you.

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I actually did just have some Melon from Egypt with dinner for the past two days. I forgot to add that into my meals above.


I did take some cauliflower mash for lunch one day. I should do that more often....but I feel like doing things with cauliflower is such a task. I need to get a food processor.


My coconut milk creamer is just 1 can coconut milk, 1 egg, 2-3 tbsp coconut oil and some cinnamon mixed up with a stick blender. I probably add about 1/3 cup to a travel mug sized of coffee and thats all I drink every day. (which is an accomplishment!!) Actually some days, I haven't even finished it. I think I am starting to wean off of it.


I think part of this is that I do have a brutal cold right now. Any ideas for different foods to eat that can help me kick it quicker? I am going to try to cook everything in and eat more coconut oil for the time being.


Oh and yes it is still definitely summer here. Temps in the 100s, 110s (40sC).  I just bought some Egyptian pomegranates too. I need to seed those and eat some of that up maybe today.

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"Other than leftovers from dinner, what would be good veggies to cook/prepare for lunchs?"


Can you get zucchini? I find that it's easy & quick to cook and add to meals. My favourite is zucchini noodles, made with a julienne peeler, with almost anything dumped on top.... spaghetti sauce is, of course, traditional. If the topping is already hot, nuke a plate of the noodles for two minutes before adding the topping. Or, if it's cold leftovers that's going on top, leave the noodles raw & just nuke the whole thing at once.

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I'm on Day 6 and am exhausted. I'm sleeping ok, but waking up super tired. Waking up at 5am to get to CrossFit at 5:30 is now a chore.


I don't think that I am eating enough starchy veggies. Sweet potatoes and cruciferous veggies have been sorely lacking. Is that the answer to get me over the sleepy hump?



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