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Cholesterol.... Didn't believe it until I saw the numbers


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I am sharing my mother's success story because I am so very happy for her. I love this way of eating and think it has many health benefits. Some background about my mom to start. She has always been a healthy eater. She is very thin (has a hard time keeping weight on) and pretty active. She has always had stomach problems and has been searching for the right way to eat. She had already taken gluten out of her diet, did not eat many eggs and hardly any red meat at all. Since finding the Whole 30 and Paleo she had maintained her weight and felt better. She eats 2-4 eggs a day and added red meat back into her diet. Recently she went to the doctor to get her blood work done. She has had high cholesterol in the past (as high as 269) and she and I were both hopeful that it would be ok but almost thinking that because of all the eggs and red meat she added it could go up. Imagine our shock when it turned out not only good but GREAT! The nurse who told her it was 189 was shocked to find out she did it with no medication. So proud and happy for her and so thankful for this program!! Thank you so very much!!

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