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HIT, yes or no?


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Would you consider this a HIT workout:

Deck of cards (Aces=14 reps, kings=13 etc) AFAP.

Jokers were bonus mt climbers.

4 leg exercises:

- TRX pistol squats ( whatever the card # that # of reps is done for each leg)

- 70lb sand bag lunges ( " ")

- Jump Knee tucks

- Jump squats

Took about 43 minutes to blow through the deck.

In working this workout into my weekly lifting routine should I file this under HIT?

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I would consider this more endurance workout even though its a popular crossfit workout...anything over 20 minutes starts to dip into the endurance category...its just impossible to maintain high intensity for that long

Another good way to decide if something was HIT or not is consider the pace you were at. If you are able to talk, carry on a conversation, form sentences during your workout than its probably not HIT. High intensity is indicated by heavy breathing, it simply won't want to waste breath on words.

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