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This is just the way I eat now.


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Hey, remember me? A few months ago I bailed out in the middle of my fourth (approximately) Whole30. I just couldn't do it anymore -- I needed the freedom to have my little glass of wine or a scoop of pinto beans at Chipotle, here and there.


But I didn't just go off the rails and start eating crap all the time -- not even close!


This year I am doing Precision Nutrition's Lean Eating program, of which the benefit for me has been accountability for consistent weight training, as well as some really well-designed workouts that are helping me immensely with functional fitness. And when we got to the eating habits around "what should you eat" I discovered -- I'm already doing them. Protein at each meal? No problem. 5 fist-sized servings of veggies a day? At least. And I learned it all here, so, thanks Whole30!

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